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Why On-Demand App Development is the Need of the Hour?

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Modern entrepreneurs are tech-savvy and intelligent. They won’t invest in anything that doesn’t bring them returns. On-demand app development is the hottest trend. To decide whether to invest in iOS, Android,  the business owner must first understand his market. The next step is to determine the functionalities and features that the mobility solution should have. This information must be communicated to developers to allow them to design an application that meets the requirements. Some people would like certain technologies integrated into existing applications. Finding an on demand app development company with the necessary expertise to deal with such complex issues is essential.

Techugo is an IT partner that can help businesses make a successful and smooth transition to mobile technology. Our team includes mobile developers skilled in all platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. We also have hybrid apps. Our track record of serving global clients from different industries is impressive. We are experts in creating custom apps that have features on demand. This is because we get to know the requirements of our clients and can create tailored solutions. Our developers have an unparalleled skill set in innovative technologies, including AR, VR, and AI. These technologies are used to create custom mobile apps and upgrade existing ones. We are experts at using them.

How is the ‘On-Demand Economy” impacting the business world?

Due to the enormous demand from all industries and across the globe, the market for on-demand app development is at its highest point. This industry is a hot market, and investors have invested zillions of money. In most cases, success is assured. According to a report, on-demand users spend USD 57.6 trillion annually. The online marketplace is the main factor.

The supply chain and communication technology have made the industry more dynamic. Market actions and consumer demand calls for services and initiatives available to them immediately whenever they need any product or service. One PwC report states that the market for mobile apps and portals on-demand will reach a significant value of more than USD 300 billion by 2025.

Many entrepreneurs aim to create an app that provides all-in-one services and delivery to most markets.

What are the Key Tips to Make an On-Demand Delivery App a Success?

Pre-Launch Techniques

To boost brand awareness, you can use strategic-market advertising techniques to pitch your app before it is even released.

1. Reward and Referral Program

Attracting people to your site and offering them attractive deals, discounts, and rewards can help you increase your audience.

2. Personalized Push Notification

To maintain your client’s interest and to build a strong relationship, inform them regularly.

3. Good Start Locally

Locally, you can also start; it is a great way to reach smaller areas and expand later. It will help you target your audience before you grow your user base.

4. Partnership For Business

On-demand platforms may require the integration of third-party APIs to allow service or other payment methods. You can also work with third-party apps to make it easier for customers to pay.

Technology stack to build an on-demand app

On-demand mobile app development can look very similar to other mobile projects. Mobile applications will not differ from the technologies used in custom mobile.

It is possible to go either native (Kotlin or Swift) or cross-platform Flutter (React Native) and get the same result. But, of course, these peculiarities will also influence your chosen technology.

  • Machine-learning capabilities (matching algorithms).
  • The necessity to process large volumes of data
  • Ability to scale quickly

TensorFlow and Python will be required on the server side for machine learning. You should also use the native tech stack (Swift, Kotlin/Java) if you wish to enable machine learning on-device.

On-Demand Apps: Understand the Reality

Personalize Services are a new business trend

Living in densely populated areas or cities with traffic jams, parking problems, and other issues are expected. This can make shopping difficult, especially if you’re tired from a long day of office work.

These situations are similar and demand on-demand services like the following:

  • You can do everything from cleaning your house to doing your daily laundry
  • Beauty services and stunning photography are available to satisfy your needs
  • From babysitter to dog sitter
  • From pizza delivery to Liquor
  • To decorate your home to maintenance
  • Many other on-demand services

Today, more companies are investing in such services. This makes them an integral part of the day-to-day lives of people. Moreover, they can have these services conveniently and within their budget.


You will need to consider the market you are targeting, the type of products or services you plan to offer, and the features and functionality the app will have. It would help if you also considered the cost of app development. This can vary depending on the project’s complexity and the resources needed.

On-demand apps make our daily lives so much easier. The on-demand economy, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences, will continue to grow and evolve.

Techugo offers mobile app development solutions for every industry and all industries.