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Why Do Fleet Management Systems Need Cold Chain Monitoring?

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Why Do Fleet Management Systems Need Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring is the new trend in fleet management systems and for good reason. With rising demand for FMCG, pharmaceutical, and specialised products transportation. But not everyone finds it easy to understand what exactly cold chain monitoring is, and we are here to help you get it. Read more to know more so that you don’t feel frozen out of conversations. 

What is Cold Chain Monitoring in Fleet Management?

Cold chain monitoring is the application of technology to track and control the flow of commodities with temperature-sensitive requirements. Technologies that are frequently used to optimise cold supply chain monitoring include automation, telematics, and IoT. 

Cold chain monitoring solutions are generally paired with fleet management systems to help improve the transportation of temperature-sensitive consignments. 

Can Cold-chain Monitoring Solutions Aid Fleet Management?

Temperature fleet management software is essential if your fleet includes reefers, refrigerated freight, and cargo. Time and temperature-sensitive goods, including perishable foods, dairy products, seafood, vaccinations, and medications, must maintain their potency for a longer period of time.

Manufacturing firms don’t entrust their delicate items to any other freight forwarders or logistics providers. For these manufacturing businesses, a cutting-edge cold chain monitoring system with a strong uptime record is required. Therefore, it is essential for 3PL organisations to make the best possible investment in temperature monitoring software available on the market.

What Are Some Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring?

The fact that temperature monitoring software maintains the integrity and potency of the items until they are transported to cold-storage facilities or retailers is one of its most significant advantages. Other benefits of cold chain monitoring software include:

  • Live consignment condition visibility
  • Better brand goodwill
  • Data transparency
  • Quicker decision-making
  • Boosted productivity
  • Accurate Insights and analysis
  • Authentic report generation

Can Cold Chain Monitoring Systems Help Manage Trucks’ Temperature Remotely? 

Using telematics technology, fleet management software enables remote temperature monitoring. GPS is used to collect the location data. The software also gathers information on load, trip, and route planning, driver behaviour monitoring, temperature control solutions, and geographic insights. Everything occurs remotely and at a distance.

What Fleet-reliant Industries Need Cold-chain Monitoring Solutions? 

In manufacturing facilities and R&D labs, temperature monitoring technologies are widely employed across many industries. However, transportation and freight forwarding firms are the preferred clientele when it comes to fusing temperature monitoring with mobility. However, industries such as these must control their cold supply chains:

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • FMCG
  • Agriculture

How Does Cold Chain Monitoring Help The Pharmaceutical Industry? 

Pharmaceutical businesses create, package, store, and deliver medicines, chemicals, and salts that need a specific temperature to maintain their potency. Everywhere they operate, including their manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and delivery vehicles, they need temperature monitoring equipment. On-site refrigerator maintenance and monitoring are simpler, but whenever mobility is involved, things get a little more complicated.

That’s where software programmes for Cold supply chain monitoring, like TrackoBit, come into play. For error-free operations, top-notch fleet management automation is necessary in addition to refrigeration monitoring systems. 

Summing Up 

Cold chain monitoring is not only for ice cream trucks. It is also for long-haul consignment transportation, and it is time for all fleet management software systems to incorporate it. If you’re searching for the right software for the job, TrackoBit is the answer. It is the leading fleet management software that will aid your fleet functions for sure.