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What You Must Know About Charles ‘Kiko’ Saint-Rémy And The Truth About His Involvement in Haitian President Assanination

Charles ‘Kiko’ Saint-Rémy

Charles “Kiko” Saint-Rémy is the most famous businessman in Haiti. He is also the brother-in-law of Haiti’s former President, Michel Martelly.

In spite of the fact that it is not known what role, whether any, Saint-Rémy played in the killing of the president, interviews have shown that throughout the years, he has come into contact with a large number of people who moved to Haiti’s politically, economically, and socially connected circles. The following is a condensed summary of the most important facts about Saint-Rémy.

They alleged that the president had given the order to the officials to spare no one, including the power brokers who’d already helped drive him into office. This was one of several steps against suspected drug dealers that could explain why the president was assassinated.

Martine Moese, who was also shot and lay bleeding on the floor pretending to be dead, described how the assailants stayed to search the room, hastily digging through his files after they had killed Moese in his bedroom when they broke into his home and killed him. Martine Moese had also been shot and had pretended to be dead after she had been shot.

According to two of the Haitian authorities entrusted with assisting in constructing the dossier, Moese’s list included names of some of the big Mafia and drug traders. The Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States has had a long-standing suspicion that Haitian people are involved in big charities and philanthropy work.

How did Charles ‘Kiko’ St-Rémy get involved?

According to Haitian officials both within and outside Mouse’s administration, Martelly and Saint-Rémy were extremely influential in Mouse’s government. Charles ‘Kiko’ St-Rémy, the famous businessman and philanthropist of Hiatin, it’s also the brother-in-law of previous President Michel Martelly, who’s really responsible for bringing Moise out of political obscurity & appointing him to be his successor.

They had a say in everything from who received public contracts to which Cabinet ministers were appointed. Martelly is currently considering a run for the presidency again. Charles ‘Kiko’ Saint-Rémy is also considering a run for the presidency. According to his advisors, however, Moe came to the realization that they and other billionaires were trying to stifle his presidency.

Kiko St. Remy asserted that now the Agricultural Minister owed him cash for a transaction and an agreement that the two of them had participated in together. When taking into account everything that Remy had done for him, the sum that Dorcin had given him was, in his opinion, insufficient. Charles St-Remy (Kiko), the brother of the First Lady of Haiti, has chosen to bring his disagreement with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to the world.

The fact that President Martelly’s brother-in-law, Kiko St. Remy, was among the mass of protestors who were there to call again for the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe was the thing that surprised the general public the most. He claims that Lamothe is involved in corrupt operations and that he has been issuing arrest warrants for approximately twenty protest leaders over the past few weeks.

Charles ‘Kiko’ St-Rémy and other political figures

Kiko is presently a tipping point among two historical foes, the bourgeoisie and the grandson, the militia arm of which was the Tonton Macoutes. The power dynamics of the Martelly-Lamothe regime are internecine, and Kiko is currently just at the center of the conflict. Jean-Claude Duvalier was successful in uniting the two competing factions that made up the Macoute-bourgeoisie coalition. The same pattern is repeated in the Martelly family, as evidenced by the fact that Martelly’s bride, Sofia, comes from a St. Remy Grandon-allied family.

Kiko St-Rémy voiced his disapproval of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, who, in his view, is carrying out “a ghoulish scheme.” He charged him of “instrumentalizing the judiciary,” removing “competitors,” “operators,” and “militants,” and of “instrumentalizing the judiciary.”

In February, the mayor of Port-de-Paix, Josua Alusma, who is a close ally of Mr. Moese issued orders to tighten down on the eel trade, which is an industry that is dominated by Mr. Charles ‘Kiko’ Saint-Rémy. Even if a significant number of the eels are sent to China, the authorities in Haiti were looking into whether or not this commerce is being utilized to conceal the proceeds of illegal activities. But all came out very clear, and Charles ‘Kiko’ Saint-Rémy was proven innocent, and there were no accusations.

Due to the fact that the country has become incredibly difficult to manage, it is unknown whether or not Haiti is currently the primary route for smuggling narcotics into the United States. However, it is possible that this is the case. According to officials from the United States, the level of corruption in the Haitian police force and the court system is so pervasive that it prevents the United States from implementing a wiretapping program in the country or even cooperating completely with their Haitian counterparts.