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What Is The Best Inflatable Tent?


When you are deciding on the best inflatable tent for your needs it is important to consider similar factors similar to those of purchasing pole tents: the number of people it can accommodate in, whether you can stand inside, and if it comes with mosquito nets, for instance.

Ventilation isn’t an issue in a conventional tent; however, inflatable tents have been proven to be somewhat restricted. You should ensure that your tent is fitted with an air vent that permits ample airflow through the tent to accommodate the number of people capable of sleeping, particularly in summer, when camping.

If you’re worried about storms that could sweep your tent into hills, don’t worry. In fact, inflatable tents can be more durable in harsh conditions since you don’t need to be concerned about falling poles on yours. The tent can be secured using pegs and guy ropes as with traditional tents.

We’ve selected some of the top inflatable tents suitable for all kinds of camping If you’re planning to go on a backpacking expedition or simply going to your preferred concert this season, you can make life easier by using one of our top picks (just remember to bring the pump along! ).

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Best Inflatable Tent

·         Vango Osiris Air500

Collaboration with The National Trust and Vango, this impressive inflatable tent for five people is made from recycled plastic bottles that are 301 years old which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly styles we’ve come across.

Amazingly, Vango has calculated that this collaboration will result in over 269,700 bottles reclaimed and recycled in the coming year. However, being green isn’t enough nowadays and this Antrim Air 600XL excels in every area.

While you’ll require a big roof rack or a sturdy boot to make room but you’ll also be rewarded with a gorgeous, durable spacious, and comfortable home that is suitable for all the family.

·         Quechua Air Seconds 4.2 XL Fresh & Black

The Arpenaz Decathlon 4.2 is now inflatable. Extremely multi-functional Arpenaz Decathlon 4.2, but with the added benefit of bedrooms that are blackout for maximum sleep possibilities.

It’s a little more spacious but it has 5.9m2 total living areas that are split between two bedrooms, and an expansive communal space within the middle, which is 1.95m high at its top.

·         Heimplanet Fistral

The pioneer in inflatable tents Heimplanet’s Fistral is an elegant and practical one or 2-person model that comes with two entrances and two vestibules making it unnecessary to step over your sleeping companion to leave.

It weighs 2.5kg it’s the tiniest inflatable tent we’ve tested and is compact enough to fit into the size of a sleeping bag to make it easy to carry, but it’s still rather large when compared to a comparable backpacking pole.

The materials used are recycled polyester as well as extra-durable 40D ripstop and, at 132cm, there’s enough room that two individuals can get in the shade if the weather isn’t the best.

·         Dometic Boracay FTC 301

Swedish label Dometic is most likely to be more well-known for its campervan and motor home equipment, but its small assortment of premium inflatable tents merits more spotlight since its distinctively boxy style is a game changer for taller people.

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