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There was a time when drug addiction meant someone was hooked on cocaine or heroin, plain and simple. It was terrible and many died, but at least people knew what they were dealing with and it was cut and dry. The newer generations have brought a whole new meaning of drug addiction to the table. There was the date rape drug, then Ecstasy, huffing, and the designer drugs. K2 and bath salts are still ripping through the headlines of most newspapers and now people have to worry about Mephedrone. This is better known on the streets as miaow-miaow, 4-MMC, Bounce, Bubble, Charge, Drone, M-Cat, MC, Meow Meow, Meph, and White Magic.

Mephedrone is a potent stimulant and it is a very popular designer drug that is running rampant in the UK. It can be purchased legally from the Internet, head shops, and music festivals. It is just as popular as marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine. People are calling it “plant food.” It is illegal to sell the compound for human consumption. This sounds a lot like, Mephedron (4-MMC) online kaufen almost identical to the problem in the US with bath salts. There are even reports that while under the influence of Mephedrone a man tore his own scrotum off. There are reports of at least 20 other deaths associated with Mephedrone abuse.

Mephedrone is part of the cathinone family. This drug mimics amphetamines or speed mixed with methamphetamine and ecstasy. This is pretty new so long term consequences are still left to the imagination. It is sure to be really bad since even short term use is calling for hospitalization. The week of June 28th, 2012 saw the death of two 19 year old teens that were high on Mephedrone. A few months ago a 49-year-old woman died after taking the substance.


Mephedrone does have some very unpleasant side effects such as a rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, and it is associated with an increased risk of seizures. It causes nose bleeds, hallucinations, vomiting, and a loss of blood circulation. Over half of those who take the synthetic knock off report headaches, heart palpitations, and a blue color to their extremities.

Mephedrone is a white powdery substance. It can be snorted, injected into the veins, taken orally, or inserted into the rectum. Currently, the UK is keeping Mephedrone in a legal status but it has been banned in Norway, Germany and Finland.

Cheryl Hinneburg is the content writer for KLEAN Treatment Center, located in West Hollywood CA. She is also working on her MS in substance abuse counseling. Cheryl has a BBA from Baker College. Cheryl’s specialty is in the field of drug addiction.

Utah Amends Controlled Substances Act

Utah’s Controlled Substances Act has recently been amended to include synthetic narcotics. What are synthetic narcotics and what impact might this have on the residents of Utah? According to the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, synthetic drugs are a rising problem in the United States. Synthetic drugs can go by the name of K2, bath salts, spice, etc. They recently gained the attention of the entire nation in May 2012 when a Miami, Florida man attacked another man by eating off parts of his face. Allegedly, the incident was spurred on by the synthetic drug “bath salts.”

Bath salts, in particular, contain substances such as methylone, mephedrone and MDPV. States such as Florida, Tennessee and Texas have all banned these cathinone substances. Synthetic marijuana is also a synthetic drug that is being phased out in Utah. In many areas, the substances known as “K2” or “spice” are sold legally, but it gives many of the same effects as regular cannabis does. Statistically, calls to poison control centers around the nation have increased within the past two years.

Synthetic narcotics

Synthetic narcotics were introduced in the United States likely around 2008, when the first products were detected by the Drug Enforcement Administration as well as U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The increase in calls was even greater in cases of bath salts, with the frequency increasing more than 20 times in the year 2011. These synthetic substances are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but are often sold legally in drug stores and the like. In Utah, these substances are now banned per the new amendments to the Controlled Substances Act.

The impact will likely be an increase in arrests throughout the state. The penalties can also be severe. Depending on Mephedron (4-MMC) zum Verkauf online the exact nature of the offense and any other aggravating circumstances, these synthetic drug charges could range from class B misdemeanor to second degree felony offenses. If found in possession of a synthetic drug, individuals may be charged with regular drug possession or heightened charges such as “intent to distribute.”

Synthetic materials are also listed in Utah’s traffic laws, which could constitute a DUI & drugs arrest. Utah residents that are faced with these charges can procure legal defense to combat them. If you or a loved one has been alleged of a synthetic drug crime in Utah, contact a criminal defense attorney in your area to learn of your rights and legal action you might be able to take.