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A Review of Unicode Septembersanchez Theverge

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Emojis are used to describe the emotion of a person without speaking or writing by using a sticker. In this present era of social media, it has become a central part of our texting or chatting to use emojis for describing our emotions. Emojis can also transmit those feelings which we can’t express in words, so they are doing a great job for a social media user. People from all over the world love to use emojis in their chatting and always wait for the introduction of new emojis. Nowadays, the news is circulating about the Unicode septembersanchez theverge, in which Unicode has confirmed the addition of new emojis, which brings a sense of joy and happiness to emoji users. In this blog post, we are going to study the importance, advantages, and uses of these new emojis which will be introduced by Unicode.

Types of newly released Unicode septembersanchez theverge:

The news of newly released emojis broke two days before world emojis day on the 17th of July; it is celebrated in the whole world by emoji users. It is expected to be officially released by Unicode in September this year. These new emojis include

  • A melting smiley face
  • A low battery
  • A disco ball
  • Several hand shapes
  • A man with a crown on his head
  • Prince or Princess emoji
  • A pregnant man as well as a woman

Many others have not been revealed yet; emoji users are very excited about these features.

Pros and cons of Emojis:

There are many pros to using emojis, but at the same time, there are a few downsides to using Emojis.


  • Eye-catching ability: Emojis have an eye-catching ability that words cannot have; it means emojis standouts in the whole conversation.
  • Take less space: Emojis accommodate less space than words; this is another advantage of using these cartoons or pictures. Suppose a sentence contains a lot of characters to
  • Emojis can express emotions: Many people who can’t express their feelings by using words or start juggling with words can easily use emojis to express their emotions.


  • Confusing: sometimes emojis could be confusing because different people have different interpretations in their minds about the same emoji.
  • Unprofessional: using emojis in conversation is an unprofessional thing; most people do not like to use emojis while chatting with each other.
  • Childish behavior: using too many emojis in your chat shows your immaturity. So, always use emojis when it is required.

Sum up:

In this article, we have discussed the upcoming Unicode septembersanchez theverge, which is going to be released in September; we also have discussed the effectiveness and the importance of Emojis while chatting. Emojis are sometimes very useful if used with proper care where they actually need to be, but if we use them without any reason, it shows our childish behavior to the readers. I have shared the pros and cons of using emojis in chat; keep them in mind before going to use them in your text. A full details and analysis of unicode septembersanchez theverge.


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