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Top 6 Tips to style artificial jewellery

Top 6 Tips to style artificial jewellery

Women adore accessorizing with artificial jewellery that they can easily bring with them wherever they go. It goes without saying that women have jewelry boxes filled with various pieces for various events. Wear an ethnic jewellery set that enhances your look without being monotonous. Swarajshop provided some jewelry styling advice to help you dress appropriately and in a way that appeals to your sense of style.

1. Play with artificial jewellery Layers

Layering may be fun and creative by experimenting with artificial necklace, rings, and even bracelets. It has always been fashionable to layer. To make them look more attractive, play around with their lengths, shapes, textures, and colors. In some instances, you can even use earrings to create layers. You can wear some hook earrings without even having your ears pierced. If you have multiple piercings, you can also layer studs or ring earrings to design your ears.

Make a statement by wearing an ethnic necklace set of various lengths if you wish to layer them. Various patterns, hues, and textures will always enhance the appeal.

2. Try making fusions of different imitation jewellery set

Mixing different metals in jewellery was viewed as a fashion sin. but no longer. The origin of this myth is unknown. Combining various metals gives you that daring experimental appearance.

And various metals blend beautifully! Mixing and combining different metal jewellery is the greatest approach to combining them. You can select comparable designs in various metals or play even more daringly with various designs.

When it comes to necklaces, combine a golden chain that complements the pattern with a silver pendant. Choose rings that combine different metals if you want to wear jewellery.

3. Identify the Limit of wearing artificial jewellery

Although styling an artificial jewellery set may seem like fun, the trick is to know when to stop. For instance, it could start to look messy if you layer too much. Understand when to stop and how to keep the proper balance.

Avoid going overboard with layered bangles if you want to emphasize the face with layered necklaces and rings. You can also disregard the necklace if you are sporting earrings that look bold and sparkly. Alternatively, you can select a matching necklace and earring set.

4. Pick Your Earrings or artificial jhumkas Wisely

People who are speaking to you notice your earrings because they make a great effect on your face. Choose earrings that will match your face when you buy them, whether online or off. Earrings can highlight your face and hair while framing your face.

Small or medium-sized earrings are ideal for people with short hair. The long metal finish earrings are a good choice if you have long hair. Women’s earrings have a significant role in fashion.

5. Choose Your Area of Concentration

The focus of your outfit is a choice that must be made along with the appropriate accessories and outfit. With the appropriate artificial jewellery, you can make even the most plain ensemble look stylish and chic. You can pick from the accents that give your clothing life. You may complete the ideal style for the day by simply mixing and matching a few items. To strike the correct balance, it is preferable to pick a simple to basic accessory if your daytime attire is sparkling or loud.

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6. Pick your necklace according to the neckline 

Make a decision about the necklace that goes with your outfit’s neckline. The necklace should either be shorter than the neckline or longer than that, according to the fundamental criterion of selecting the ideal necklace and neckline match.

Here is a quick guide if you’re still not sure what should match your neckline:

You can choose lengthy chains and pendants for turtlenecks. For scoops, pick shorter necklaces with volume. Square necks look good with angular pendants. 


Your artificial jewellery can be worn in a variety of ways. When you’re unsure of what should appear decent, these jewelry styling suggestions will come in handy. Shop from Swarajshop