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Top 5 Attentive Alternatives for SMS Marketing in Australia

Top 5 Attentive Alternatives for SMS Marketing in Australia

A successful strategy for creating enduring relationships with your consumers is SMS marketing. It goes without saying that businesses should spend money on SMS Gateway.

But which SMS marketing platform needs to be employed? 

Numerous Cloud-based SMS marketing software systems are available. Additionally, you don’t want to use an SMS marketing tool that will fail you later as a marketer.

What characteristics define a successful SMS marketing platform? 

More than just delivering messages to a large audience makes up SMS marketing (bulk messaging). A decent SMS marketing platform provides capabilities to increase the efficacy of your SMS campaigns. Here are some characteristics of an excellent SMS marketing platform to look for. 

Bulk SMS 

Sending a message to a lot of phones is known as bulk messaging or mass texting. It’s SMS marketing stripped down to the essentials. It’s reasonable to conclude that the most desired aspect of SMS Gateway solutions is bulk messaging. You have a list of phone numbers to call in order to send out a mass text message promoting your goods.


Multimedia Messaging Service is what MMS stands for. MMS can deliver multimedia files, unlike SMS (images, videos, audios). 

Textual material is less compelling than multimedia stuff. Therefore, it’s crucial to spend money on an SMS Gateway solution that enables the delivery of multimedia messages.

Opt-out administration 

It should be simple for your SMS list subscribers to unsubscribe. Contacts can unsubscribe from your list using URLs or keywords when using SMS marketing products.

The top 5 Alternatives for SMS Marketing in Australia

Guni SMS

At Guni SMS, our primary goal is to help businesses increase engagement and revenue by using the potential of SMS. With sales, marketing, customer success, and procedures. We have assisted innumerable businesses all throughout Australia. With just one click and our SMS Gateway, you can interact with your target audience no matter who or where they are. With our help, you may click once to reach every mobile phone in the globe!

Guni SMS Basic Functions 

  • Configurable Auto Response
  • Mobile MMS Mass Texting 
  • Keywords Repeating Instructions 
  • Operations Administration Planned 
  • Messaging Messaging in Two-Ways


An all-inclusive platform for text message marketing, SimpleTexting. All of their programmes include limitless keyword usage. All other customary SMS marketing elements are also included. They are a good option for a text message marketing platform because of this. 

Picture of the SimpleTexting homepage 

BasicTexting’s best features 

Multiple keywords are available for your phone numbers with SimpleTexting at no additional cost. This amount is often capped for base plans on other platforms. 

Excellent software integrations are available, as well as bespoke integrations. For bespoke integrations, you must get in touch. Save time by recycling your often sent messages using templates and duplicates.

Advanced automation: once someone joins your list, send a sequence of messages automatically. This lowers drop-off rates. Send out a pre-written message whenever a certain term is texted to your phone.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting positions itself as the market’s leading SMS marketing platform. They also have transparent pricing schemes, in contrast to Attentive. 

Top EZTexting features 

Free Shutterstock photos are available to you if you have a “Essentials” or higher plan. With EZ Texting’s premium picture editor, you may utilize photos that are public domain and change them. 

Toll-free and dedicated short codes: Dedicated 5–6-digit numbers are available through EZ Texting. These numbers provide unrestricted keyword usage, guaranteed delivery, and affordable messaging costs. Additionally, you may have a 10-digit toll-free number that is specific to your brand.

Text to Landline: You may make your present phone number capable of two-way texting. Any time of the day, customers may text your phone number and receive replies from your staff. 

This compatible opt-out option is called SafeStop. It makes unsubscribing from your list simple for your subscribers. Customers can also specify preferences for future communications and report spam messages. 

You may import contacts using an Excel or CSV document for contact management and segmentation. They may also be segmented and given more fields, such email addresses or any customer field.

Attentive mobile

The most comprehensive text message marketing solution, according to Attentive Mobile. Additionally, they assert that they contribute to “an average of 20.5% of total online income for modern e-commerce firms.” They provide all functionality required for a full-featured text message marketing platform. 

Mobile top features that are alert 

Dedicated to the expansion of eCommerce, Attentive is a complete text messaging platform. They have useful properties in six categories, including:

Building and expanding your email and SMS subscriber lists is referred to as audience growth. For the most conversions, you can build sign-up forms and advertise them on your website. Create forms and show them on your website as popups (mobile and desktop versions). To attract subscribers at the moment of sale, offer incentives throughout the checkout process. Through your social network platforms, display opt-in buttons. 

The audience manager is where you may find the tools for custom audience targeting. Make audience segments depending on a variety of factors. Examples include on-site activities, browsing and purchasing patterns, and demographic information.


Another well-liked text message marketing tool with a number of useful features is Textedly. It appears to give more for the money when compared to the other SMS platforms mentioned thus far. 

top features of texting 

The top SMS marketing systems all include basic functionality, including Textedly. There are all accessible common characteristics, including: 

Mass group texting, two-way messaging, drip marketing, autoresponders, thorough analytics, and MMS. 

Among their other crucial characteristics are: 

Voice services allow you to convert your long code or toll-free number into a voice call centre. This will make it simple for your consumers to phone the same number they text if they choose.