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Took A Wrong Choice In Graduation? 5 Career Choices To Mend Your Ways

Career Choices

Famous scientist Albert Einstein once said, “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Choosing the right career is essential in life. One becomes more successful and productive and gains higher self-esteem. However, while selecting the subject to specialize in undergraduate education, many people make the wrong choice. Many go for topics they like, but they do not have a market or scope of job in the current world, while others go for the trendy programs but have the least interest in the subjects. Therefore, they tend to lose grades and feel like the world has ended for them. However, it is not true. There are many careers that one can choose from in various academic niches. They can pursue it irrespective of the courses previously studied.

Nonetheless, before highlighting career choices, let’s share what I have learnt about the importance of making the right career choice.


Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Career?

One must choose the right career because:

  • Some jobs can become extinct

Suppose a student decides to create a career with a company that provides college paper writing service in languages like Hawaiian or Pottawatomie. But these languages are becoming extinct. Therefore, building a career will be challenging even if a student is interested in these subjects. Moreover, many industries now lie in the crossfire of artificial intelligence technology. Though artificial intelligence has proven to simplify human life in multiple ways, they threaten many forms of the human workforce. Industries in its line of fire are bound to replace the crew with technologies. Choosing a career in this field will hit the nail on the head.

  • A rise in tuition cost

The tuition cost has risen by 250GBP since 2017 in the UK. In the USA, it is close to 2.9%. Thus, day by day, education after school is becoming less accessible. However, there is a stark difference in the median earning between a postgraduate, graduate and a high school diploma. Plus, many of the diploma pass-outs are unemployed. Thus, having a degree is essential to maintain a standard quality of living despite its exponential cost. Hence, it is clear that having a graduate or postgraduate degree is a long-term investment. Thus choosing the right subject is essential.

  • Paves the path to economic security

One chooses a subject in undergraduate and postgraduate studies not to set the road to what one would like to do in the future but to look for a way to help secure life economically. A survey by International Labour Organisation found a strong relationship between economic security, personal well-being and overall satisfaction. The more financially secure one is with an academic career, the happier they are.

Suppose a student wants to build a career in creating oxford referencing tools. If the individual makes the right career choice, the start of the career will set the foundation. With experience and skills gained, the fresher will earn more and qualify for higher-ranking profiles. Once the person becomes experienced, he will become more employable. Still, the employer would like to keep the individual and offer more incentives since the individual has become an indispensable part of the company. It increases economic security. However, a wrong career choice will lead the individual to struggle.

Now, what if one makes a wrong career choice? It is not the end of life. There are multiple career choices.

Career That One Can Earn With Any Degree

  1. Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR) is responsible for solving all employee-related issues. It includes recruitment, payroll, employment policies and benefits. Human Resources also functions as a middleman between employees and managers. They talk over any problems and can also explain facts regarding sick pay leave, employment policy and procedures and maternity and paternity leave.

The best news is that one does not need a degree in human resources to secure a position in HR. However, many companies expect a graduate to have a one-year specialisation in the subject during graduation.

Graduates can begin their careers as HR administrators jobs or HR assistants. However, some specific job roles require the candidate to have a Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP) or a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The PayScale results suggest that human resource executives earn an average salary of 17,000- 26,000 GBP. As per US dollars, the amount comes down to 21,550-$32,960 US dollars.

  1. Accountancy

To build a career in accountancy, one must have sound numeracy skills and a logical mind. Therefore, anyone with an undergraduate degree in mathematics or a related subject can ideally build a career in accountancy. However, high academic grades are mandatory to step into the top firms in the country.

One can complete a variety of professional academic exams to become a qualified accountant. The Certified Public Account (CPA) exam is one of them. Students with accountancy in their undergraduate studies must already have some of these exams. If not, there is nothing to worry. The firm employing the student will usually help pay for these credentials.

Payscale states that a junior accountant usually earns 18,000-26,000 Great Britain Pounds in the United Kingdom. With the latest exchange rate, US dollars will range between 22,830 – 32,960 dollars.

  1. Marketing and advertising

Advertising is one of the most competitive industries in the globe. Therefore, to create a footing in this career, high scores in academic degrees are a must. The other demands of this career are creativity and commitment. The plus point of a career in advertising is that one can build a specialised profession in multiple avenues like marketing, media planning, social media management, etc. or ace all of them.

However, one must have a portfolio of previous works to make the application for a job role in this career stand out. Taking part in a few internship programs before applying for a job can help secure a better position.

In the UK, an entry-level associate in marketing can earn a salary of  26,800 Great Britain Pounds. In US dollars the amount roughly comes down to 34,100 dollars.

  1. Investment banking

Investment Banking is another competitive profession. An investment banker’s primary role is to provide financial services to multiple sectors from individuals, academic institutions, business entities and government. An investment analyst earns one of the highest salaries in the UK. A fresher can earn an average salary of 43,000 GBP, which translates to 54,700 US dollars.

  1. Management consultancy

Individuals who are organised by nature and have strong communication skills and orientation towards detailed work in their soft skills can opt for a career as management consultants. The primary job of a management consultant is to instruct public and private companies to take strategic decisions. A management consultant can begin their career with a yearly salary of approximately 32,580 pounds in London. In US dollars, the amount may reflect as 41,410 dollars.

Parting Thoughts,

Sometimes, mistakes like choosing the wrong subject for undergraduate studies are more boon than bane. At least, it helps recognise the callings of life quite early. Nowadays, there are so many career choices available to be pursued with any subject of specialisation. People are hardly left with an option to think that a wrong choice made in the fundamental stage of higher academic life will set a stamp on how a professional career must lead. These 5 career choices offer the best scope for improvement in the professional career with a great financial package irrespective of the subject a candidate has studied in graduation. One needs to have a drive towards the profession; skills can be gained along the way.

Author Bio:

Nancy O’Brien is a career counsellor based in the UK. She is also associated with an academic assistance service that offers pay for assignments services. If you need her assistance, you may connect with her at

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