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Prefer to Live in an Apartment, These are Tips for Choosing an Apartment According to Your Budget!

Tips for Choosing an Apartment

Tips for Choosing an Apartment – Along with the times, many people are now considering apartments as a residential option. Apartments are different from conventional houses. Apartments provide a more sophisticated security system because CCTV is available on every floor and there are security guards who usually patrol so that not just anyone can enter the apartment complex.

Then, the various facilities available in the apartment are quite helpful and entertaining for the owner. You will easily find ATMs, minimarkets, food courts, and shopping centers around the apartment.

In addition, apartments are usually located in the city center so they are easy to reach by public transportation. Or if you have a private vehicle, you can also park it on the available land. Even though the house is still the prima donna’s place to live, living in an apartment is now a new choice for anyone who wants to experience the facilities and conveniences it offers.

So, before deciding to buy an apartment, here are some tips on choosing it:

Apartment Price Survey in Desired Location

The first tip in choosing an apartment that you have to do is do a survey on apartment prices in the location you want. This is done so that you know the price range of apartments in that area. So that at least you have some knowledge of the prices of the cheapest and most expensive apartments.

You can compare the types of apartments, for example subsidized apartments, regular apartments, condominiums and the prices offered. So you can choose the type of apartment you want with the appropriate budget.

In one location there will usually be many types of apartments for sale. Try to compare one type with another type. Is it better to buy a studio type apartment or 1 BR or 2 BR. If to live in, see your needs. Meanwhile, if you rent it, look at market needs. Guess which one works better.

Choose a Trusted Developer Before Buying an Apartment

The next tip for choosing an apartment is to find a developer who has a good reputation, is professional and responsible. Be careful in choosing a developer. This is very important, because building an apartment requires very complex procedures and permits.

Yes, one of them knows the credibility of the developer from the Association of Indonesian Flats Residents (APERSSI). Make sure you have dug up complete information about the apartment complex developer that you are going to buy. Look at their track record so far in the property world.

Find Out Apartment Info on Various Digital Platforms

Currently, many property developers have kept up with the times. How to promote on social media has also been done by many property developers. Can be through the official website of the developer himself, or through other social media. Promotion in this way has proven to be effective for developers as well.

Therefore, the tip for buying a cheap apartment is to check social media diligently. First browse the sites you need, or on which social media the developers are promoting. See also the platform on which the developer advertises. Usually there are promos from the platform.

Usually, residential developers will carry out promotions at certain times. Well, this is the moment you shouldn’t miss. Continue to monitor several social media for the property you are after. Who knows, you might get lucky, get an unexpected promotion.

Use Collectivity

Apart from paying attention to when buying an apartment and using information, you can also get cheap apartments using the collective method. Yep, now several developers are opening opportunities for prospective owners to be able to buy apartments through the collective method. Through this method, you can buy apartment units in groups.

By group here means you buy an apartment unit together with many people or on behalf of a large group. Can you get cheap apartments with this method in Jakarta? Of course. When you buy an apartment collectively or together in a group, your bargaining power will increase.

The value of bargaining power can increase because the seller (apartment owner) can prove that the building is habitable or has value as an investment instrument. With this advantage, the seller will provide a lower price for the unit buyer. It’s even possible that you will get a better choice if you buy collectively.

Don’t Miss Buying an Apartment During Pre-Launch

Before the apartment is officially launched, usually the developer has started selling. So, during this pre-launch, you better not miss it. Why? Because usually at this time, apartment units will be sold at a relatively lower price compared to the price after launching.

Some developers sometimes still provide additional pre-launch discounts. Many developers use this promotion method. The goal is that more people are interested in buying their apartment units. That way, when the apartment is officially launched, there will be quite a lot of buyers.

If there are enough buyers, then this can attract other potential buyers to have units in the apartment. Well, it was at this time that the price was raised. Because it has been proven that the apartment can be used as an investment and is also livable. Therefore, the low price at pre-launch can be very profitable.

Those are some tips for choosing an apartment that suits your needs, including your budget. Good luck!

Oakwood PIK Jakarta | Lease-Available

Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) is regarded as one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Jakarta. On March 31, 2020, the Oakwood PIK Jakarta, a four-star hotel that resembles an apartment, opened. It is one of the few spots where you may comfortably stay for an extended period of time. There are 151 completely equipped serviced apartments with balconies overlooking the city and sea.

Consider the following pros and downsides when determining whether to rent or buy an apartment. But you must decide what to do. Consider what you and your family require prior to making a decision.