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Clutter Causes Stress

Clutter is a hidden cause of stress for most families. It’s hidden because all that stuff jumbled around is so in your face that you have to tune it out just to function. But it still stresses you in several ways.

How much clutter have you accumulated in the past year? If you’ve lived in one place for several years, I bet you have hundreds Entrümpler Koblenz of items sitting around on shelves, counters and floors that you don’t use and barely even notice — unless you have to move them because you can’t find something else!

More Than Three to Six Items Isn’t Decoration, It’s Clutter!

Take a good look at your home right now. If there are more than three to six items on top of a dresser or table, that’s not decoration, it’s clutter! If your in-basket has overflowed into piles on the floor, that’s more clutter! If you’re tripping over stuff that you (or your kids) haven’t put away, that’s hazardous. If you can’t find that bill you need to pay without digging through the piles, clutter is wasting your time.

Clutter Builds Anxiety and Confusion

All this “stuff” is pulling on your energy throughout the day, creating frustration, anxiety and confusion. Clutter equates to insidious inroads of stress in your life.

I consider myself fairly well organized. I make an effort to keep our home neat and tidy and to clear my desk and work spaces every couple of days. But today I tied into the dining room and my home office to clear out unnecessary knick knacks, files, and piles of “important papers.” Instead of stressing over how I could get it all done, I just began.

Clutter Drains Energy

Removing the piles of file folders (great article ideas, by the way!) and manuscripts in my office made a huge difference. I forgot how stressful it is to have all those projects lying around in view. In essence, each item is saying, “Pay attention to me!” It creates a subtle, pervasive energy drain.

My purpose is preparing to show our home for sale in the next few weeks, so I was extra ruthless. Now my recycle bin is overflowing with discarded paper! And my stress level about preparing for the sale is much lower because I took positive action. Not only that, but the two rooms look fresh, inviting and peaceful again.

Get Rid of Clutter for Lowered Stress

Get after the clutter in your environment to lower your stress level now. Benefits you can expect:

  1. You’ll have a more harmonious environment.
  2. You’ll be taking action on something you’ve doubtless been meaning to do anyway.
  3. You’ll feel great for whatever progress you make!

Start Small and Limit Your Time

Start with a corner of one room, or one pile of papers. Set a timer for 20 minutes.

Make three stacks

  1. Keepers which may need to be filed or put away properly
  2. Things to give away or garage sale.

Hide Kids’ Toys to Get Their Attention and Teach Cooperation

If belongings of children or other people in your home create the worst clutter, hide the items away and let them earn them back by keeping other items picked up.

Keep Your Process Fun and Doable!

When your 20 minutes are up, you can stop! Make a date with yourself to do more tomorrow. (You don’t want to make this process stressful! Unless you thrive on doing one big clean sweep, work in small chunks, keeping this fun and doable.)

Or if you are on a roll and enjoying your de-cluttering process, carry on!

Do try to work in chunks so you can actually finish one portion of de-cluttering at a time. There is not much point in starting to sort and then having to leave things in a worse mess than when you began.

Note Your More Peaceful Home and Lowered Stress Levels

Notice your feelings of satisfaction as you complete even a small de-cluttering project for stress reduction. Notice how that part of your home feels more clear and peaceful. Observe how you know where things are so your confusion and stress are reduced now.

Be aware of your renewed sense of well-being and personal peace and know that you are taking positive, practical steps for stress reduction for yourself and your family.