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The Story of Sherry Dyson: A Professional Mathematician


Sherry Dyson has had success in her life. She has strong mathematical abilities. Sherry Dyson, however, rose to fame as a result of Chris Gardener. She was married to this successful businessman. He served as a motivational speaker as well.


The birthplace of Sherry Dyson was Virginia. She used to live there permanently. There was where she had started working as a professional mathematician. She has pursued a lucrative career as a result. Her career has served as an inspiration to many individuals.

Her victory persisted into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. She had gone through a lot of suffering. She persisted in her task, nonetheless. She focused entirely on it. She gave all her all to become a mathematician. She has instructed many students in schools. Even in colleges, she has taught arithmetic to students. After that, she had thought about getting married.

Quick Facts

Real Name   Sherry Dyson

Profession   Mathematician

Hair Color    Black

Eye Color     Black

DOB    1 May 1949

Birthplace   Virginia, a Southeastern U.S State

Nationality   American

Famous As  Mathematician

Marital Status   Divorced

Marriage    June 18, 1977

Husband  Chris Gardner

Children   Christopher Jarett Gardner Jr.(son) Jacintha Darlene (daughter)

Ethnicity   Black

Religion   Christian

Early Life or Background

She was born in Richmond, Virginia, on May 1st, 1959. She was raised in a middle-class home with two working parents, where she developed good morals and behaviour. Her father ran the A.D. Price Funeral Home and worked as a funeral director. Her mother was an educator. We can assume that her mother inspired her to seek a career in teaching and mathematics. From the time she was a teenager until she started college, she resided with her family in the same home.

After completing her undergraduate studies there, Sherry went on to the University of Michigan to obtain a master’s degree. She then drove herself to Morgan State University to complete her mathematics degree because she loved the subject and wanted to pursue a career as a teacher.

Sherry was born into and raised in a respectful family. She was motivated by a strong sense of purpose because to her mother, a teacher. Her father worked in the funeral industry. She endured a terrible tragedy when she was a little girl. In a terrible accident caused by an error, she tragically lost both of her parents.

Marriage Life

Sherry Dyson and Chris became acquainted while they were both undergraduates at Harvard University in the 1970s. They went to the movies together, which led to the beginning of their relationship. Later, they merged their families and moved to different cities. Every night until their distance separated them, they talked on the phone for a long time. Gardner claimed that after their previous divorce, the phone bill had once reached nearly $900. This gave Sherry Dyson the idea for her memoirs.

Nearly 9 years were spent living together as Sherry and her companion. In 1977, she was hitched to Chris Gardner. Chris’ Navy buddy Leon Webb attended the Dysons’ Virginia wedding as his groomsman.

The two-story location was embellished for the significant event with chandeliers, priceless wall paintings, and southern hospitality. Additionally, the motivational speaker used credit to purchase Sherry, his ex-wife, a $900 marital diamond ring. At first, the pair had a positive attitude. The couple had Christopher Jarret Gardner as a son quite quickly. He was born on January 28, 1981. But eventually, they began to live separately. Sherry and her husband did, however, split up in 1986. That caused Sherry to experience great trauma. There were various reasons why they split up. To be entirely honest, she had not relished her marriage.


Despite her successes, she was unhappy with her lot in life. She was broken because of her dysfunctional family. Nine years had passed since Sherry and Chris’ wedding. After that, they parted ways. Throughout their marriage, they clashed constantly. Chris Gardener was engaged in a number of relationships at the time. It was previously known to Sherry. She was powerless to act because of her kids. Gardener did, however, divorce his wife as a result of everything. He also made a proposal to his pupil. As a result, Sherry Dyson’s family life was destroyed. Chris Gardener started a new life with a new woman. But as usual, Sherry was left alone. It wasn’t a sign of things to come for Sherry.

The interactions between Chris Gardener and Sherry Dyson used to be tense. They also understood that those problems were unsolvable. Chris and Sherry split up as a result of these issues. He was merely waiting for this opportunity to come around. As a result, Sherry and Chris had a marriage-ending incident and parted ways.

Despite everything, Sherry manages to maintain her strength. She continued her work after the divorce. Despite her efforts, she did not earn much recognition. “Pursuit of Happiness,” a book by Chris Gardener that examines both Chris and Sherry’s life, was written. The book’s primary subject is inspiring writing. You can pick up a lot of inspiring lessons from it. In the book, Chris Gardener talked about his successes. You could use these successes’ methods as an example.

Net Worth

Sherry Dyson net worth was $500,000 as of 2021. Chris, her ex-husband, who had struggled with homelessness, is said to today have a net worth of $70 million. The biographical drama film The Pursuit of Happiness, based on the businessman’s autobiography of the same name, was premiered in theatres and received a lot of media attention. The project involved Will Smith, a well-known Hollywood actor, and his son Jaden Smith.


She was happy at every stage of her life, but it had its limits. She put up a lot of effort, working day and night, but she also fell ill. With each setback in her life, she developed symptoms of physical depression. Sherry attempted to keep her smile intact but instead sobbed. Sadly, she endured a terrible illness in her later years. She was 51 years old when she passed away on April 7, 2000.