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Regular bike maintenance is the fundamental technique to guarantee that your two-wheeler is constantly in excellent condition, much like good personal hygiene. Similar to a human body, disregarding the health of your bike can only result in subpar performance, recurrent breakdowns, and negative effects on both the roadworthiness of your two-wheeler and your own safety. Fortunately, maintaining your bike in peak condition isn’t that tough if you book bike periodic services. Your two-wheeler will operate dependably and like new for as long as you own it if you stick to a standard maintenance regimen. Not to add, when you decide to sell it, it will fetch a respectable price. Here are some of the reasons book bike periodic services and they are as follows:-

Timely fluid replacement 

You know how when you’re dehydrated your body wants to collapse and your throat feels parched? The same is true for two-wheelers that are low on fluids or that haven’t had their important fluids replenished to ensure smooth functioning. While bike servicing Pune, Make sure to replenish all fluids, such as the engine oil, brake oil, coolant, etc., on schedule. It is acceptable to replace them a little earlier than recommended if you want to be extra cautious.

Delaying the replacement schedule, however, will undoubtedly result in greater wear and tear, dull performance, low efficiency, and, if you’re particularly lazy, a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Use high-quality engine oil and fluids that are suggested by the manufacturer for topping up. Make sure you stick to the recommended grade, viscosity, and temperature criteria listed for the engine of your bike if you decide to switch to a different brand than what is recommended in the manual. Use a degreasing product to keep the chain clean, and oil it as directed. To complete the task, only use a chain lubricant; do not use random oil or grease.

Standard Service 

When it comes to stopping at the gas station for a routine maintenance stop, strictly adhere to the instructions in your bike’s manual. Inform your service advisor of any known problems the bike has been experiencing in a conversation. Take the bike for a test ride when the job is finish to ensure that all issues have been fix and all tasks listed in the final bill have been complete. Ask to have the damage component return to you if any significant components have been replace. If at all feasible, demand that the replacement be do in your presence and make sure the parts are authentic.

Superior Resale Value 

If the bike has comprehensive service records, the owner will have the advantage when selling it. Customers will be prepare to pay more just for the bike’s condition. 

Less Common Failures 

The likelihood of unexpected failures and part failures dramatically decreases with routine maintenance. In fact, one is completely at ease while riding the bike. This shapes the user’s perception of the bike’s dependability.

Notification Of Future Expenses 

The service centre staff frequently mentions potential future bike repairs like sprocket replacement, coolant top-offs, or clutch overhauls. 

Assurance Claims 

If the services are not performed at predetermined intervals, the manufacturer may reject a warranty claim. Choosing the warranty with the longest term and completing all services on schedule are wise decisions.

Safety reasons 

Your bike should be regularly inspect to ensure proper operation for smooth operation, longevity, and safety. The harsh winter weather can have a serious negative impact on a bike’s performance, affecting both the moving and static components. Grime can be forced into bearings, chains, and brake pads when riding on roadways because of the increased wetness of the winter and the ongoing gritting of the roads. The muddy, slushy conditions that the trails can take on make maintenance your bike a top concern if you want it to keep riding like new for the dedicated mountain bikers that ride through the winter.The most crucial factor in maintaining your bike’s service (regardless of your discipline) is safety; the more kept and serviced your bike is, the less likely it is to experience mechanical problems and the safer your ride will be.

Simple to use 

A properly maintained bike has a tight mechanical feel that increases the rider’s confidence while moving. 

More efficient use of fuel 

The engine and other mechanicals are keep in excellent shape thanks to preventive maintenance. A better fuel efficiency results from regular oil changes, filter cleaning, and the proper pressure in the tyres. 

Lower rate of wear and tear 

When the bike’s parts are properly care for and maintain, they deteriorate more gradually. While changing the engine oil at regular intervals lowers the rate of engine component wear and tear, cleaning and lubricating the chain increases its lifespan.

Fully functional brakes 

It goes without saying that your bike’s brakes must be in excellent working order in order for you to stop whenever you want to. The lives of the rider and the occupants of other vehicles may be at danger as a result of malfunctioning breaks. As a result, it’s crucial to inspect your bike’s brakes when performing preventative maintenance on your two-wheeler. Additionally, it’s necessary to invest in 2-wheeler insurance to protect you from unforeseen circumstances so that you can travel in safety and security.

Putting grease on the drive chain 

Every list of fundamental home bike maintenance advice will include bike chain lubrication. It is a crucial piece of advice for two-wheeler preventive maintenance. This guarantees a bike that runs smoothly. You must lube the bike while it is still warm for the best bike chain lubrication. To increase the lifespan of your bike, the chain must be properly tension.


Every machine needs regular maintenance to keep it from breaking down and to give it an occasional jolt of new energy. A bike that has been well-maintain serves its owner well for the duration of its lifespan, and there are no doubts regarding its dependability or dependability. The service centre staff frequently mentions potential future bike repairs like sprocket replacement, coolant top-offs, or clutch overhauls. The likelihood of unexpected failures and part failures dramatically decreases with routine maintenance.