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Ninja Juicer Pro vs. Kuvings EVO820 juicer for celery

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Which juicer is the superior juicer for celery the Ninja Juicer Pro or the Kuvings EVO820? Unquestionably, both juicer manufacturers are top-notch manufacturers who make sure to increase the durability of their juicers by giving them the best features. Nevertheless, be aware that you can utilize both juicers because they can hurt your wallet. The sensible choice is to select the best option available. This comprehensive catalog is provided for your assistance.

The specifics include in-depth evaluations of both of these juicers so that you may choose the juicer that is the best fit for you without difficulty.

Ninja Juicer Pro

Brand Ninja

Color Graphite

Special Feature Manual

Product Dimensions 6.89″D x 13.78″W x 14.17″H

Material Stainless Steel

The Omega Celery Juicer is already affordable. However, the Ninja Juicer Pro might be appealing if you’re searching for something even more economical. I’m writing this buying recommendation at a price that is over $100.

It is a machine that produces a bone-dry pulp, highly efficient and economically priced pulp. Celery stalks will undoubtedly work well in it because it is one of the best juice extractors for leafy greens.

Furthermore, the intake on the Ninja Juicer Pro is not that large. It would be ideal to cut your celery into little pieces that can fit through a 1.5-inch chute. Apart from celery, it’s excellent equipment for a variety of fruits and vegetables.


  • One-year guarantee
  • Substitutable pulp filters
  • Stainless steel components
  • BPA-free 72-hour juice life, optimum juice extraction


  • Usually, masticating juicers operate slowly.
  • The components must first be prepared.

Kuvings EVO820

Brand: Kuvings

Color: Silver

Special Feature: Programmable

Product Dimensions : 8″D x 9.5″W x 19″H

Material: Stainless Steel, Ultem, Plastic

The Kuvings Evolution whole masticating juicer targets a different segment of the juice business. No other business, but Kuvings, can offer appealing leather pattern finishes. In addition to these hues, the EVO820 is also available in white, dark red, gunmetal, black champagne gold, and rose gold. Celery juice keeps your sense of style up to date.

The slow juicer market is led by Kuvings. Because they pioneered the technology, you shouldn’t expect anything less from this Korean manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The Kuvings Evolution full slow juicer boasts various features not seen in less expensive juicing equipment besides those opulent leather finishes.

It also includes a blank strainer that can be applied to other food processing activities. Additionally, you have a cleaning device made especially for the filter basket. Modern chute and drum construction allow for more effective juice extraction. Not to mention, by purchasing an optional citrus attachment, you can turn your EVO820 into a solo electric citrus juicer.

Kuvings outdid itself with this fantastic offering. The EVO820 is a remarkable all-purpose juice extractor perfect for crops like celery. It can even be used to make soy and almond milk.


  • 10% larger feeding chute parts made without BPA
  • Juice can be kept for three days.
  • The machine becomes an electric citrus juicer with an optional citrus module.
  • A modern color scheme with a leather design on the base.
  • Thanks to the flap gate design, the juicing cham cannot be reached by hand.


  • A little more costly
  • Spend a few minutes cleaning this thing.
  • Dishwasher incompatible

Ninja Juicer Pro vs. Kuvings EVO820 – Verdict

Both the Ninja Juicer Pro and the Kuvings EVO820 are masticating celery juicers, which are a blessing in disguise for you. Thanks to their cold-pressing technique, they both guarantee a large juice yield while retaining all the necessary nutrients.

Hence, instead of considering a centrifugal power xl juicer, the Kuvings EVO820 for celery is the best among them if you’re seeking a juicer that will allow you to extract a greater portion of juice at once because it has a larger tube to accommodate larger chunks. Overall, both juicers are perfect in terms of functionality, cost, and toughness. You can decide if the Kuvings EVO820 or Ninja Juicer Pro is the best juicer for you by looking over the details on your own.