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How to Repair the QuickBooks Error Code 7149?

A brief and vital stroll through to fix the QuickBooks Error code 7149. Late years have seen an uncommon dependence of little and medium-sized organizations on QuickBooks work area, a composite bookkeeping programming planned by Intuit. This product is known for taking care of funds flawlessly. QuickBooks has a few truly strong elements which empower business tasks more straightforwardly and in a restricted time span. From monetary following to stock administration to report age this product assists organizations with everything. You may also face some difficulties while installing or updating the server because of QuickBooks Error 1603 which can be solved in a few steps.

QuickBooks clients really do receive its countless rewards yet now and again they become survivors of different specialized issues like the QuickBooks POS Error code 7149. The framework by and large crashes, and this Error message springs up on the screen:


Warning “QuickBooks has experienced an issue and needs to close. We are upset about the burden.”


In some cases, your PC may likewise freeze for a couple of moments. This issue needs prompt consideration yet prior to continuing ahead with the techniques for fixing it, let us comprehend what causes it.


What causes add to the QuickBooks Error 7149?

Deficient or degenerate establishment: On occasion, the establishment interaction doesn’t get finished or gets harmed. This keeps the PC from duplicating the records which means a lot to running the QuickBooks work area programming.

Debasement in Windows Vault: The new establishment or changes caused defilement in the Windows Library, subsequently prompting this Error.

Infection tainting the PC: Infection dangers can be one more expected reason for the QuickBooks Error code 7149.

Different issues: Not many of the antivirus programming cause hanging of the framework or can influence the working of QuickBooks. All things considered, the antivirus or firewall should be handicapped.

Framework: Every PC framework is assembled contrastingly and on occasion, a few nearby issues can cause the Error.

Slip look into the Signs and Side effects of QuickBooks Error code 7149

You can land into the QuickBooks Error code 7149 in specific situations. These can be recognized by observing the accompanying signs and side effects. Allow us to look at them individually:


  • The Error message itself streaks on the screen.
  • Assuming a functioning application encounters successive accidents, it is plausible that you could wind up with this Error.
  • Another sign can be the off chance that Windows runs gradually.
  • Your product freezes over and over.

Apt Answers for Fix QuickBooks Error Code 7149

This segment disentangles every one of the successful roads of evacuating the QuickBooks Error code 7149 from your framework, unequivocally. Ensure that you sail across this segment cautiously and execute the means in a similar grouping as have been involved in this part.


solution1: Fix or Reinstall QuickBooks

You need to open the Control board of your PC and afterward click on Add or Eliminate Projects. The equivalent can be looked through in the Beginning Menu. 

  • Find QuickBooks and afterward float your cursor on it and right-click on it.
  • Presently, hit on Fix and afterward Adhere to the guidelines that surface on the screen.
  • Hit a tick on the Uninstall tab to Uninstall the QuickBooks work area.
  • Endless supply of interaction, reboot your PC and reinstall the product.
  • Once finished, restart your framework and open the QuickBooks programming to investigate assuming that the Error code 7149 got removed.

solution 2: Fixing Windows Library Key Documents

Errors or defilement caused in the vault records straightforwardly impel the QuickBooks Error message 7149. Such Errors can be effortlessly fixed through the vault proofreader. Stick to the means underneath to redress such issues.

It is proposed that you look for proficient assistance for this, as trying it without specialized information can be very unsafe.


  • At first, you ought to hit on the Beginning button and afterward select opening the Run window. The equivalent is additionally opened by hitting at the same time on the Success + R console keys.
  • At the point when the Run box shows up on the screen, type Regedit into the hunt bar, trailed by hitting on the Enter key. This activity will open the Vault Proofreader Window.
  • Presently you should glance through the introduced projects and eliminate their related keys. There are areas of strength that one of these keys is adding to the QuickBooks Error 7149.
  • You ought to hit on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Follow it up by hitting on Programming.
  • Thus, you are expected to Find and Erase the keys connected with the names of the as-of-now uninstalled applications.
  • The copy keys for the projects that have been uninstalled should be basically erased. The simple tasks are as per the following:
  • Hit on the Ctrl and F keys together to uncover the Track down box.
  • Type the application’s name inside the Track down box, trailed by hitting on the Enter key. A key will be featured in the event that it matches the text being looked at.
  • At this stage, your need to Erase this key.
  • You can utilize the F3 console key to switch among options and accordingly Erase them.
  • Other than these keys, you are likewise expected to eliminate any undesirable startup parts. For doing this, the moves toward completion are as per the following:
  • Inside the Vault Proofreader, you really want to explore This P.C. (or on the other hand My PC) > HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE > Programming > Microsoft > Windows > Current Form.
  • After hitting on Run, a rundown of the executable documents utilized during the startup will appear.
  • Eliminate the applications according to your inclination and prerequisite, contingent upon their priority in the startup menu.
  • Subsequent to playing out the activity referenced above, you presently need to carry out a similar system in the ways given as follows:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run


HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Parts


HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Parts


  • Albeit this method is very monotonous, we have endeavored to draft it as simple to carry out advances. Having applied every one of the means above, restart the QuickBooks programming to check to assume the Error sorted out.


solution3: Eliminate Malware

With the assistance of your antivirus programming, run a total output of your PC to check to assume there are any infections or any potential dangers that are causing the QuickBooks Error code 7149. Once recognized by the antivirus all the infections will be promptly taken out. Once done restart your PC and check whether it is fixed or not.


solution4: Handicap antivirus for quite a while

On the off chance that you figure out that it is your antivirus that is keeping QuickBooks from working then handicap it for quite a while. Whenever it is done QuickBooks will actually want to typically open. You can reboot your framework also and afterward run in experimental mode. Open it and update it moreover.


  • You want to search for the Antivirus symbol in the taskbar.
  • After that hit a Right-click on something very similar.
  • When you see the choices on the screen, search for the Cripple tab and hit something very similar.
  • Later on, take a stab at opening QuickBooks subsequent to incapacitating it.
  • You could expect to Begin the framework in protected mode, and afterward, open the product and update it.


solution 5: Close any clashing projects

At least one outsider projects running behind the scenes might be in struggle with QuickBooks processes. Thusly, you ought to end errands and cycles connected with such clashing projects, the means for which are given as under


  • Thus, you really want to open the Assignment chief by hitting on the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys.
  • This will allow you to see the Rundown of projects running.
  • Make a beeline for the Cycles tab and stop the projects individually by featuring every one of the projects and furthermore tapping on the End interaction tab.
  • Pushing forward, take a gander at the message, when it happens at the hour of halting an interaction.
  • After you can detect which cycle is causing the obstacle, then, at that point, you can play out the means for reinstalling the application.

solution6: Go for Circle Cleanup

A low measure of free space on your PC might actually be impelling the QuickBooks Error code 7149. In this unique circumstance, clearing up space on your hard plate is really smart. You might utilize Circle Cleanup to tidy up your essential registry. Follow the means underneath


  • Access the Windows Voyager by hitting Win + E keys buttons.
  • Right-click on the C drive and make a beeline for Properties.
  • Hit on the Plate Cleanup tab to begin the tidy-up process.

Fixing the QuickBooks Error code 7149 is a sad humongous issue. In any case, on the off chance that you are having inconvenience or have some questions connected with it, you can look for help from the QuickBooks Error support group. Our bookkeeping experts are profoundly prepared, have long periods of skill in the field, and are outfitted with the most recent edge-cutting devices. Best of all, they are accessible all day, every day to you out.