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How to repair pools of all types of materials easily

Pools Repair

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, surely you want to have your pool in perfect condition to, in this way, quell the heat with a refreshing bath. Therefore, before knowing how to repair swimming pools , it is important to check that, before filling, there is no fault. But, the truth is that, on many occasions, these problems are only noticeable once it is being used, or it is after wear and tear that some of the most typical problems arise, such as cracks, leaks, etc. its summer session for pools repair is compulsory.

What materials do I need to repair swimming pools?

If you are interested in knowing how to repair swimming pools , you need to know in advance the materials that you are going to need. Well, obviously, this will depend on the type of repair in question, as well as the type of pool , since it is not the same if it is a cement construction or it is a prefabricated plastic pool . For example, to solve the problem of cracks in built-in swimming pools, the following products are needed:

binding resin
Concrete repair mortar
glue mortar
Greste (if your pool has it)
mixed sponge

How to repair plastic pools?

Without a doubt, repairing plastic pools is much easier, since you will only need the following materials:

1 bucket
repair kit
Marker pen
Once you have all the materials, you will have to follow the following instructions :

The first thing would be to detect where the crack is . To locate it, you can check if it loses water to a specific point, if there are puddles around the pool, or feel for a leak inside the pool while you dive.
Then, a very simple way to repair plastic pools is with a repair kit with patches, but for an emergency, extra strong adhesive tape can be used.
To fix the pool with a patch it is important that the surface is clean and dry.
Then, cut out two patches that are larger than the tear, a few centimeters would suffice. Once glued, press to avoid air bubbles.
Before repeating the process with the back of the fugue, it is important to allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Natural stone pool paving is the perfect choice for pools. its is not for chance for leakage.

How to glue loose tile in the pool?

Although it is possible to do the repair with water, it is best to lay the tile loose with the pool without water, or at least up to the area to be repaired. Take note of the step by step!

Before you start gluing the elements that have come unstuck,
it is advisable to check the area to ensure that there are no parts that could fall .

Remove the adhesive mortar that was under the tile,
being careful with the pieces so as not to damage them.

Clean the remains of dust with water and let it dry for about 24 hours before adding the adhesive mortar.
Then, apply the compound and glue the tile pieces, pressing carefully so that they do not sink too much and remain at the same height as the rest. Pools paving are is green marble stone and blue marble stone for good choice.

Allow to dry for less than 10 minutes and wipe with a damp sponge to clean the remains.

How to fix cracks in the fiberglass pool?

Two types of cracks form in fiberglass pools: structural and spider . The former are larger and deeper, while the latter are small and are found in the outer layer. The indications to repair this type of fault are the following:

Apply a polyester putty in the cracks in order to fill the crack. Let dry.
Then, to obtain the desired result, fiberglass must be added again and a coating on top of the special putty.
Although it is not a very complicated repair, it is important to detect cracks in time to avoid water leaks . Spider cracks are often more of a cosmetic than a functional problem and spread more quickly through the coating. Therefore, if you want to repair it, it is important to let it dry and cover with the special material , following the manufacturer’s instructions.

As you have seen, repairing swimming pools is not complicated at all, although certain aspects must be taken into account, such as the material to be used, how to use it, how long to wait, etc.


Pool repair can be made easy by following a few simple steps. Regardless of the type of material your pool is made of, assessing the problem and having the proper tools and materials can help ensure a successful repair. Whether it’s fixing cracks, leaks, or other issues, proper maintenance and timely repairs will keep your pool in top condition for a refreshing swim. Stone Depot USA is a leading wholesaler for natural stone.