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How To Live Stream Events Online For Free?

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A change in brand marketing over the years due to the increased internet presence and the growth of social media platforms is observed. The business of live recording and streaming can be tiresome for small companies as they have a limited supply of resources and the marketing sector is different. This does not stop them from reaching a global audience. The live stream studio ensures that and it goes on easy on the budget too.

A live stream studio provides the software that allows the company to broadcast the event feed over the internet. It helps to break the boundary of physical presence and boosts the return on investment. Mentioned below are some of the popular live stream software that offers free streaming.



  •       Mixhubb

This live streaming software allows the user to organize unlimited webinars with a unique interface that mimics in-person events. There is an option to select the seat, and profile and turn the camera on and off.

Full access to the moderation controls for the mics and cameras is given and the option to choose the virtual room layouts that provide the user a realistic experience and make the sessions more engaging. The screen along with the sound can be shared, hands can be raised and voting can be done. One session can be recorded, downloaded, and made accessible afterward for people who weren’t able to attend. It offers phone and chat support.

  •       Livestorm

Livestorm offers options to organize with a limited number of events or moderators. The event can support up to 10 registrants and attendees. As a live streaming solution, it provides screen sharing, chat options, question and answer sessions during events, replays, guest presenters, and automatic email reminders.

It offers some advanced features such as pre-recorded videos, youtube video sharing, embeds forms, and automated webinars. It also provides analytics features to capture the important statistics on participation, replays, and polls.

It is a browser-based platform and does not require any specific installation from an app. The user can host webinars, events, and meetings from the desktop and mobile. With live storm phone, email, and chat support can also be received.

  •       Hopin

As a live stream platform, it enables the user to create, host and manage live events. The length of the event can be up to two hours and there can only be one organization that has administrative access. It allows registering 100 users per event.

The registration form can be designed personally and it will optimize the Search engine to bring it up in the search ranking. By making the registration page SEO-friendly, it becomes visible to people and increases the reach to a wider audience. It allows you to launch a ticker system, wherein they can be free, paid, and private. The referral traffic can also be tracked for the event.

In terms of the attendee experience, an event-wide and private messaging capability is provided, a professional backstage, 10-language support, and a virtual lobby with an event schedule. Along with all this, the software offers in-event integrations to provide options to make the event engaging. It also provides email and chat support and for Android and iOS devices, a mobile application is available.

  •       Melon

This application offers alert widget options to engage with the audience. The event can further be customized by adding logos, banners, branded watermarks, and themes. With Melon, live broadcasting is available for up to four hours. An option to monetize the streams by allowing to request donations.

Launch alerts using the alert box widget and ask the community for support. The guests do not need to create an account and can join the broadcast with the link that is shared. Scheduling can be done for the event and event for the guests ahead of time. The software offers a contact form and email support and an application is available for iOS and Android users.

  •       Restream

As a live stream studio application, Restream allows the users to stream on more than 30 platforms altogether. The multi-streaming option enables the users to create one channel per social media platform. No limit on the streaming time is put and the tool offers integration with popular broadcasting software to give more and more options.

It offers stream, guests, and screen sharing options. Some additional graphics include the Restream watermark and AI-generated background music which is free from copyrights and licensing. Chat overlays can be added that will allow the user to see the chat activities in real-time and engage with the audience. The Restream support through chat and email can be accessed.



As a lot of information is available online, choosing the right streaming software from the available options can become overwhelming. Before finalizing the tool, there are a few important factors-

  •       Stream time

Some of the tools give a limited streaming time and depending on the business requirements they might not be enough for the needs. If the business requires streaming the video for longer hours then consider a tool that offers unlimited streaming time.

  •       Participant limit

A free streaming tool can come with a participation limit and could also help to reach the potential. If you want to target people then the software should allow adding more people to the event.

  •       Figure out the tool accessibility

A live stream software should be accessible to all without having to install an application or software because the audience might not be willing to do that. Choose tools that are accessible via one-click options or are available on popular social media platforms.



To find the ideal software, the information given above can be trusted. It helps to save time, stay on budget and focus more on growing the business. It is therefore important to not buy the recommendations based on the opinion of a single individual but a majority.