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How to Incorporate Brass Light Fixtures into Modern Design

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A stunning, bright light fixture in the foyer is the first step toward creating a secure and warm entryway to your home. To achieve balance and a comfortable atmosphere, a well-lit living room should have layered lighting that illuminates all four corners. Light the space for various moods and purposes can include a combination of accent, ambient, and task lighting, such as chandeliers, recessed lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps, and even candlelight. Choose brass light fixtures that can be used in various ways, consume little energy, and go well with the rest of your interior design because the lighting in your foyer sets the tone for the rest of your house.


Consider your home’s style and the type of atmosphere you want in your foyer when selecting a light fixture. Consider various options while attempting to visualize each one in your foyer. Use square lighting fixtures or a bronze chandelier with shades if your house is small. A smaller, more sculpted fixture would be appropriate for a small foyer. A crystal chandelier with more impact will be ideal if your home is larger. For instance, the foyer of a two-story mansion would look fantastic with a massive 400-watt chandelier.


The height of the ceiling is crucial. A flush or semi-flush mount might be a good option if your foyer has a low ceiling. You risk causing an accident down the road if you insist on hanging a chandelier or ceiling pendant.

Choose a ceiling that fits the area if you want one in your foyer. Your chandelier shouldn’t be too large for the room if you don’t want it to be the centerpiece of your foyer. One example would be a large chandelier that is taller than you. Only in a two-story mansion with a huge foyer would this look fantastic.

How to Determine the Size of the Chandelier You Need

The length and width of the space should be added, and the result should be converted to inches to ensure that your chandelier or ceiling pendant fits perfectly in your foyer. For instance, a room that is 18 feet by 14 feet has a total height of 32 feet. To get the proper diameter, convert this number to inches. If you did this, the diameter of your light fixture would be 32 inches. Additionally, if your ceiling is between 9 and 10 feet high, the bottom of your brass light fixture should be about 7 feet from the ground.


A chandelier should have between 200 and 400 watts of light for adequate lighting. You can substitute other fixtures, such as wall sconces or ceiling pendants if a particular fixture you want doesn’t produce enough light.

Remember to Design

Sometimes it’s not a good idea to fall in love with a particular fixture. You should only use modern ceiling sconce light fixtures if your home is modern.


You should think about the weight of a brass light fixture when shopping for one. You should add more hardware and components because a typical ceiling outlet box can only support 50 pounds.

Ceiling Height Is Vital

Make sure a chandelier doesn’t protrude past the dining room table by more than 2.5 inches (or 30 inches) (standard eight-foot ceiling). There should be seven feet between the ceiling and the light fixture for bedrooms. As a result, the light doesn’t cause any issues.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Now it’s your turn. Pick brass light fixtures that complement brass-colored furnishings. You’ll observe how much light can alter a situation once it is up. Follow these steps to find what you’re looking for and make a purchase.