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How to Improve Cheap Vehicle Recovery


There are a number of ways you can make your own vehicle recovery equipment cheaper and more effective. For example, you can buy inexpensive traction boards, which are lightweight and easy to store. These also provide a bit of traction in soft environments, such as sand or snow. A good traction board will have little nubs that  used to grip the tires of your vehicle in slippery situations. This is especially useful for sand and snow, where the ground so slick you might not even get a foothold.

Cheap Vehicle Recovery

Jacks are another essential item for a Cheap Vehicle Recovery. They’re a great way to raise up your vehicle so you can use its wheels to clear holes or fill in bumps on the road. You can also jack up the rear of your car to access its underbody, which is sometimes difficult to do with a trailer. It might sound a little strange, but some companies use air bags to help ‘right’ an overturned vehicle. The bags are inflated using low pressure, so they’re not likely to explode when puncturing.

They can lift a huge amount of weight without breaking the bank, so it’s an ideal investment for any fleet owner. Traction boards are a good choice for soft terrain, as they’re lightweight and easy to store. The best traction boards have little nubs on the top that hooked to your tire treads and then used to grip the tires of your vehicle in sand, snow, or deep mud.

The most important thing to remember is that a traction board should be tethering to something, so you can quickly and easily retrieve it when the job is done. This could be a chain, a rope, or even a tow hitch.

A good vehicle recovery system should combine GPS with cellular technology to give you real-time tracking and alerts. It should also offer a variety of other features. Such as an alarm that set to sound when your car’s been stolen. These systems are usually a few hundred dollars and include a smartphone app that will let you control your alarm, lock your car, and track the location of your vehicle.