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How to Create Website Content Fast

For some people, creating website content seems to be a case of permanent writer’s block. Or their inner perfectionist takes over and makes sure that every attempt to create website content stalls. Check out these ideas for creating website content fast.

Dream up a title

Titles for your content should be catchy – they should be something that people actually want to click on rather than avoid like the plague.

A number of tips works well – newspapers and Website erstellen lassen magazines use that all the time, so you know it works. “7 ways to… “, “5 tips about… “, that kind of thing.

This has two advantages: it’s almost automatically a good title and it gives you a way of splitting your article up into bite size chunks that are easy to read and easy to write.

Decide on a few sections

I didn’t know when I started how many sections this article was going to have but I knew it would be somewhere between 3 and 10 sections.

That’s a wide range because I’ve written so many articles here and elsewhere that I tend to type first and let my ideas flow onto the page.

I’ve done that since school essays so I find it easy.

If that’s not your style of writing, take a few minutes to jot down the things you’ll be covering.

Simple headlines work fine.

Then write between one and three paragraphs on each section.

Write your content

I find that sections work nicely.

Almost anyone can write a few short paragraphs about a topic they know about. And, actually, once they start they may well be hard to stop but that’s another matter.

Keep sentences short and readable. Computer screens aren’t as easy to read from as printed pages, so plenty of white space makes them both easier to read an less daunting.

Edit later

Although it’s tempting to edit as you go along, it involves a different part of your brain. And the two parts – writing and editing – are almost sworn enemies.

So just type away – it’s near enough a brain dump.

Then, when you’ve finished typing, come back and read it through and edit.

Either come back immediately if it’s a short piece Website erstellen lassen  (maybe 1,000 words or less) or let it rest for a few ideas or overnight if it’s something longer like a report or a book.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how little editing is needed.


There’s no point in writing stuff if no-one can find it to read it.

So remember to press the “publish” button on your website so that the world (and Google) can benefit from your wisdom.

Then start the whole process over again.

Schedule it

Make a note on your to-do list or in the diary on your phone.

Because a single piece of content is a lonely piece.