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How many views on a TikTok in a week is considered viral?

views on a TikTok

TikTok is not just another app that gained fame almost overnight, it’s a phenomenon.

Before 2018, everyone was creating landscape videos for YouTube and Facebook.

No one could imagine a random lypsinc app from China would take the driving seat in video content creation.

In 2023, everyone is looking for tips and hacks to go viral on the popular app and gain fame.

The real question is, how many views are considered to be viral on TikTok?

This blog will see how many views mean viral, should you buy TikTok views to help gain virality and more.

Keep reading.

How many TikTok views are considered viral?

There are different layers when it comes to virality criteria for TikToks.

If a video gets between 100,000 and 250,000 views, it is an entry-level viral. For views between 500,000 and 1,000,000, we call it a mid-level viral video. Videos attracting over 1 million views are considered to be pro-level viral videos.

Before TikTok, it was considered nearly impossible for new accounts to get their videos to go viral on the platform. TikTok has not only changed but it has introduced a new format of content that is ruling social media now – vertical short videos with background sounds.

Should you buy views for TikTok?

Here is a fact check. Not every account on TikTok is guaranteed to gain virality and attract millions of fans in a matter of few weeks.

But the few that do, are able to influence a global audience and get their message across.

So, if you want to leave a lasting impact on a wider scale, you need to have at least some of your videos go viral, or else you will be pushing videos without the people on TikTok ever knowing.

There is a smart way to turn the tide in your favor, though.

Buy TikTok Views from a credible marketing partner, and start your journey for going TikTok viral.

This will give your account social proof that your video is interesting and they are encouraged to stop scrolling and watch your TikTok.

And if you have created a good video, you will also attract a lot of likes, giving your TikToks more reach and getting more followers for your account.

Can TikToks go viral later?

Your TikToks can go viral after many days or weeks since you have posted them. TikTok algorithms are designed to surface newly published videos to your followers and others on the app.

If that video gets a lot of likes, it will be promoted to even more of the TikTok audience. And the views keep piling.

Besides that, your TikTok video can gain virality many days and weeks later as well. The algorithms give various chances to the video by pushing it before different users they think are most likely interested in them.

And if your video performs well, it can amass millions of views despite the average performance when it was posted initially.

Tips to go viral on TikTok

Having covered briefly what is considered to be a viral TikTok video and why it is important for content creators, let’s now take a look at some tips that will help you go viral on the app.

Create Unique content:

While most people are sold on the idea of copying viral videos, it may or may not work. Plus, the users will quickly get bored as they don’t see the original concept in your TikToks, rather than just a reproduction of another video’s idea. Thinking of unique and creative ways to entertain and engage TikTok users is a sure way to get viral videos more often. While you can purchase TikTok views to fast-track your fame, the real secret to building a loyal fan base is by creating unique TikToks.

Use Hooks:

Start your videos by stating a shocking statement or making a bold claim – anything that stops the scroll and gets users to watch your TikTok.

You may also use Bold text to show a surprising fact, statistic, or research findings.

Add CTA:

Always end your TikTok with a call to action. It can be as simple as hitting the like button or clicking the plus icon. Many brands and influencer accounts ask their fans to leave a comment.

Use Trends:

Jump on the trends while everyone is using a trending sound or a popular theme. Using trends engages your audience and makes you relevant as well.

Have Fun:

TikTok is all about having fun and getting entertained and also helpful to get views on YouTube . Whether you are teaching your fans something or sharing an important industry update, do it entertainingly.