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Hame University of Applied Sciences Finland: Top Finland Universities for International Students

Hame University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is a higher education institution in southern Finland. Its roots go back to 1840, when agricultural education was started at the Mustiala campus. In the greater Helsinki metropolitan area, 7 HAMK Finland campuses are across southern Finland, including the Evo Campus and six other campuses in Forssa, Hämeenlinna, Lepaa, Mustiala, Riihimäki, and Valkeakoski. With a student population of around 7,800 and around 670 employees, Finland’s 8th largest university of applied sciences, with students from 65 different countries. HAMK is also considered one of the best universities in southern Finland for international students.

HAMK Courses

1.1 HAMK International Business Program

1.2 Bachelor Programs

Häme University of Applied Sciences programs include 27 Bachelor and 10 Master programs and professional teacher education. Out of these, 10 programs are in English. Among these programs, the HAMK International Business Program is the most popular. Its major disciplines include Bio-Economy, Well-Being, Technology, Entrepreneurship & Business, and Professional Teaching Education. It also offers continuing education and further education. The application round for HAMK University in Finland study programs starts in January, according to the academic year. Besides, HAMK has four research units named HAMK Bio, HAMK Edu, HAMK Smart, and HAMK Tech, where around 100 RDI projects take place, with one-fifth being international in scope.

Hämeen Ammattikorkeakoulu

1.1 Hame University of Applied Sciences Scholarship

1.2 HAMK Scholarship

With recognition from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, HAMK provides education and job opportunities for students. Dua to Career Services, Hame University of Applied Sciences Finland has one of the highest employability rates in Finland and ranks among the best Finnish universities. Hame University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) also offers services to special needs teachers, student counseling, psychology, and coordinator of sports services. Campus activities at HAMK contain a wide range of sports activities, courses, and tournaments under ‘HAMK Moves’ campus restaurants offering meals at student-friendly prices and a student union ‘HAMKO,’ whose membership grants you thousands of student benefits around Finland. Moreover, there are various sorts of scholarships offered at Hame University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) for deserving students.

Hame University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)

The university actively collaborates with partners to increase the quality of education. Its strategic partners include Aalto University, Natural Resources Institute Finland, RUN Network, and many more. Moreover, HAMK was the first ever higher education institution in Finland to receive the most elevated status of “advanced” for its quality system. Notable alumni of Hame University of Applied Sciences include Hilkka Kemppi – a Member of the Finnish Parliament; Annikki Karvinen – a Finnish textile artist; and Michael Ekeghasi – a Nigerian singer-songwriter.