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Gerard Butler Got Olympus Has Fallen Fan Mail From Robert Downey Jr.

Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler, who has been the hottest actor since the release of The Den of Thieves, has been spotted hanging out at a screening of Olympus Has Fallen. If you haven’t heard of Olympus, it’s a new movie about a crime lord (played by Robert Downey Jr) who is trying to protect his brother from the criminals who stole his camera. As expected, the movie was an instant hit and received a lot of fan mail. One of the most interesting comments came from Robert Downey Jr. He said, “It’s a great movie.”

Den Of Thieves

Gerard Butler is one of the most prolific action stars in modern Hollywood. He’s been consistently delivering audience-pleasing thrill rides with ridiculous plot points and big explosions. As an actor, he also offers respectable acting performances. However, he also likes to play scumbags and superheroes. That’s a trait that makes him stand out from other action actors.

In 2013, he starred in the movie Olympus Has Fallen. The sequel, London Has Fallen, and the third entry in the series, Angel Has Fallen, are all in the works.

The plane, which is slated to be released in January, features Gerard Butler as a commercial pilot who is forced to land his plane on an isolated island in the Philippines. But the plane’s crash isn’t the only trouble brewing. A group of dangerous insurgents take the passengers hostage and need to be saved by a former FBI agent.

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Gerard Butler has been a prolific actor in action movies. His films provide audiences with a number of big explosions, ridiculous plot points, and pop-corn tossing fun. He has starred in a few of the most popular movies of the last few years.

A recent interview by Uproxx revealed that Butler was working on a new film called Plane, which is a throwback to 1990s-era action films. It centers on an airline pilot named Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) who makes a risky landing on an island ruled by rebels and insurgents.

The film also features Mike Colter, who is famous for playing Marvel’s Luke Cage. Gerard Butler took executive producer credit for the film.

The movie is directed by Jean-Francois Richet. Downey has been a fan of the “Has Fallen” franchise, and even wrote a letter encouraging Butler to make more action films.

In the new film, Butler plays an airline pilot who takes a flight to a war-torn island in the Philippines. He and his passengers are taken hostage by insurgents and rebels. But he must save the day with the help of a mysterious meurtrier, Louis Gaspare.


Having played in Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler has become one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood. He’s also got three sequels in the works.

The “Has Fallen” series has been a massive hit. It’s currently in the process of developing two more films starring Gerard Butler, including Night Has Fallen, which could continue the storyline of Mike Banning.

After “Olympus Has Fallen” was released, Butler received some fan mail from Robert Downey Jr. In response, Downey wrote a letter urging Butler to keep on making action films.

Butler’s latest movie, Plane, is about an airline pilot who crashes an aircraft on a war-torn island. His passengers are taken hostage by dangerous rebels. Fortunately, he rescues them. But he must rely on an FBI transfer, Louis Gaspare, to help save them.

Butler’s “Plane” is based on the “Has Fallen” series, and its opening date is January 16. While the film is a throwback to 1990s action movies, it also has a modern feel.

Dane Jensen

Olympus Has Fallen is a trite, cheesy, and ridiculous action movie. It’s like a rehash of a bygone era. The story beats are predictably predictable, the dialogue is simplistic, and the violence is excessive. There’s also a lot of jingoism, which is a turnoff.

But if you can look past the silly and cheap elements, you’ll find a solid, violent, serious action thriller. That’s because the movie is not just about fighting, it’s about xenophobia and patriotic sentiment. And there are moments of levity, too. A few moments of wit and irony make Olympus Has Fallen worth a look. This film may be dated, but it’s still a good time to check it out.

Gerard Butler is a very good actor, and he plays the role of Dane Cook with a level of decency that is rarely seen in an action movie. However, he does a poor job of conveying the slyness and charisma that is supposed to be his character’s strength.

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