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Finding the Best Wireless Mouse for Your Ultrabook

Personal computer owners have already been working with mice for a long time and for numerous out there, they simply cannot be fully substituted. In case you are one which requires a wireless mouse for the Ultrabook, or simply come to feel more at ease working with one, examine our own selection of the best wireless mice for Ultrabooks.


Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse


Average Price: $40.59 Thinness: 1.4 Inches


The main, most obvious characteristic with the Microsoft Arc Touch is the capability to bend flat. This characteristic is definitely one which required far more development than you are likely to consider, and it definitely makes the mouse astonishingly slim! The Arc Touch truly does a great job of being probably the most mobile mouse, capable to very easily slip into a pocket as well as carry case.


The BlueTrack technology Microsoft is putting in their mice enables them to precisely operate on almost all surface types such as carpets and even glass tables. This is a massive enhancement and also helpful for people who would not take mouse pads all over along with you and frequently become left with an unusable surface area.


The mouse provides the usual two primary buttons together with the touch sensitive area employed as a scroll wheel. Before you get confused into believing functions much like the magnificent Apple Magic Mouse, the Arc Touch will not support gesture controls, it is merely used as a scroll wheel.


What Customers Say:

“I have spent the better part of last night and today using it with web browsers, editing manuscripts, Twitter, remote desktop connections, you name it. It just works and works well.” “I love this mouse. Despite the uncharacteristic stiff click for a Microsoft mouse, I still highly recommend it.” “I’m quite pleased with the bit of hardware.”

Microsoft Explorer Touch


Average Price: $25.49 Thinness: 2.6 Inches


The Explorer Touch is certainly a very inexpensive mouse from Microsoft making use of the most current BlueTrack technology. This particular mouse is quite identical to the Arc Touch, only it is just a more common, solid mouse created for goog price. It really is a very good value while using BlueTrack and touch functions and preferred for those looking to buy a budget wireless mouse for on the go use.


Like the Microsoft Arc, it offers the common two buttons as well as the touch sensitive scroll wheel. Though the touch characteristic is definitely neat, the majority of customers believe that they would rather just simply keep with the actual scroll wheel. If you have the additional cash, we tend to suggest looking towards Logitech’s MX series wireless mice.


What Customers Say:

“It’s just a regular mouse but the BlueTrack works great and the touch scroll is very cool.” “I wanted something that scrolled like a Magic Mouse too and this is close.” “This is a super cool mouse without any problems at all.”


Kensington SlimBlade Media Mouse


Average Price: $79.99 Thinness: 2 Inches


Kensington’s SlimBlade is an extremely beautiful wireless mouse that is certainly really skinny as well as easily transportable. The only slimmer wireless mouse within this list is the Microsoft Arc, yet this is suitable for people who prefer to use a solid mouse instead of the flexible Arc.


The SlimBlade in fact will provide you with not one but two gadgets in one, the additional feature being a multimedia remote. Using the navigation pad at the bottom, it is simple to browse your media (pictures for example) far from your pc by simply aiming the laser.


The Scroll Ball is additionally a great add-on, allowing for simple browsing and getting around using its 360 degree scrolling capability. It automatically switches into sleep mode once your Ultrabook does in order to save battery life as well as provides an indicator light that lets you know when the battery is low.

What Customers Say:

“All in all, a solid 5 stars for me.” “It is a great wireless mouse plus has the media controls. It was a big hit. To date there have been no problems with this product.” “I love this mouse! I’ve gone through various mice in the last six months to replace my mighty mouse, and this has produced what I wanted the most.”


Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX


Average Price: $57.24 Thinness: 2.8 Inches


The Anywhere Mouse MX is actually our best suggestion for a portable mouse and also the one I personally keep in my carry case. Being as tiny as it is, it is quite more comfortable and it has lots of capabilities to keep it really workable.


First of all, i have to bring up Logitech’s DarkField technology, which is the technology the manufacturer invested a long time on refining. Like Microsoft’s BlueTrack laser, the DarkField has the ability to precisely function on any kind of surface, only studies indicate that Logitech’s technology works superior! Whether or not you happen to be using a mouse pad, a glass desk or your pant leg, the Anywhere Mouse MX will certainly perform!


The nano receiver is another massive feature with this mouse, being incredibly little in addition to having the capability to connect as many as six compatible devices on it. The scroll wheel for this wireless mouse is additionally the very best we have used. You can click on it in to alter the feel of it also, whether you would like click-style feedback or maybe extremely fast spinning.


What Customers Say: “This mouse is an absolute beast. The surface is very smooth and has a quality feel. In summary, a very responsive, works on all surfaces, reliable, and very durable mouse.” “The wheel scroll is a feature that you will not live without once you’ve used it.” “I think it’s the best laptop mouse out there!”


Logitech Performance Mouse MX

Average Price: $79.99 Thinness: 3.3 Inches


The Performance Mouse MX might not be as mobile as the alternative wireless mice within this list, however it is owed to get with this list for being amongst the top rated mice available! It is similar to the smaller sized Logitech mouse above, yet larger sized with even more capabilities. From the comfort and ease to the fantastic functionality, it is the mouse to get, if perhaps intended for in your home.


Like the Anywhere Mouse MX, it utilizes DarkField technology to operate with just about any surface. It has a total of seven custom buttons: left, right, scroll wheel button, back and forward buttons, zoom button and a thumb button. Additionally, the scroll wheel, much like the Anywhere MX, is definitely impressive.


It also features a internal rechargeable battery, so don’t worry concerning investing all of that cash for triple A’s. Just connect the mini USB battery charger to remain working with absolutely no downtime even while it is energizing back up.