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Famous Food In Dubai You must Try 

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It’s surprising how a few people are aware of Dubai Street Food. Emirati cuisine is said to be very tasty, with a variety of flavors. As a result, people from all over the world enjoy eating their food. Although some of these foods are replicated in other locations, the flavor of the Original is unique. Dubai’s popularity in street foods has grown in recent years. Meat and spices are required for any food you choose to eat. Are you planning a trip but aren’t sure what to eat? We’re here to make your life easier. The following is a list of Dubai’s original foods, along with their ingredients, that you should not miss.This list contains both Veg and Non veg items, snacks and heavy food. 


The Shawarma is the best street food ever. Shawarma is commonly referred to as the Middle Eastern taco. Interesting, isn’t it? This is a popular Emirati street food in which spiced meat is wrapped in a rice or wheat pita roll. You may have tried shawarma in India as well. But there’s no way you’ve ever had an authentic shawarma. Meat is typically grilled for several days before being scraped and stuffed into a roll. It’s possible that this meat is chicken or lamb. This is not a difficult dish to make.. So you can get a taste of the Dubai tour.



If you are a person who loves Biriyani, this is definitely a must try food in Dubai. Mandi is nothing but a chicken Biryani but the importance is given more to the spices and the chicken. In comparison to our Indian Biryani, this is considered much healthier since very less oil is used. The chicken is marinated with the Mandi spiced mix which consists of coriander, nutmeg, dried chili, bay leaf and cloves. This food is a must to treat your taste buds. 


Khuzi / Ouzi 

Khuzi is the National Dish of UAE. This is an absolute must if you are seeking to try out authentic Emirati food. This is a proper meal that people in UAE prefer to have. So what exactly does it consist of ? Very simple, it is Lamb meat and rice. This is also topped with hazelnut and other vegetables. Your trip is not complete without eating Khuzi. 


Al Machboos

By now,  you surely know how much meat is consumed in the Middle east. Meat is an integral part of their cuisine.  Al machboos is also yet another dish with meat. This is similar to Mandi in terms of consistency but very different when we scrutinize the ingredients. The rice gives a caramel color and the meat is tossed in the pan with the mixed sauces. This dish is filled with strong spices. 

Oman Chips Parotta 

Oman Chips Parotta is one food that is best paired with Kadak Chai. It would be a loss if you came back from Dubai without having Oman Chips Parotta. This consists of just three ingredients, Oman chips, Cheese and Parotta. Oman chips are nothing but spicy potato chips but also have a tint of sourness in them. A combination of this spiced parotta with tea is the best snack one can ever have. 


Falafel is a very well-known vegetarian street food of the Middle east. This is preferred to be eaten with hummus, a paste-like side dish. Th is a very simple dish made with herbs and spices, chickpea, baking powder and some salt and pepper. This is grinded together and fried in oil which gives a dark brown crispy outer layer. 

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As much as we find meat in every non vegetarian dish, milk products are another common food item in their cuisine. Manakish is all about cheese. The pizza base is topped with a lot of cheese folded and served hot. There are multiple variations of this dish. Some top it with some veggies and sauces or even meat in some cases. If you are a cheese lover, you must go for it without any hesitation. 



You can’t just have one Luqaimat! Yes, that’s how delicious it is. Arabs take great pride in this dish and prepare it with great passion. This is a Middle Eastern sweet in which the dough is beautifully dropped in oil, becoming crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This is served with warm Date syrup on top of it. You can and will never miss out on tasting this because it is widely available.

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