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Custom Tuck End Boxes – How To Make Them Look Professional

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Custom Tuck End Boxes - How To Make Them Look Professional

Custom tuck end boxes are the most opted style for rectangular packaging boxes. This tuck box packaging style is perfect for display purposes due to leaving behind two straight sides open for design and even for a small window to provide a glance at the product. The fine edges of the tuck boxes will easily slide into the top and bottom of the tuck end boxes, hiding the curved flap to turn up the effect of your visual appearance design printed on them. 

The experienced and qualified designers design the tuck packaging to produce custom tuck boxes in any structure, size, style, and layout. The professionals of tuck end packaging know the printing tricks that involve the buyers of a particular business and enhance the chances of purchase with our custom-designed tuck end boxes.

Different Variety Of Tuck End Boxes:

The custom tuck end boxes styles are different when it comes to the tuck end of the box. The various designs and the customers can select their packages according to the preference of the product category.

You can choose from the following:


  • Straight tuck end boxes
  • Reverse tuck end box
  • Double wall tuck top 
  • Double wall tuck front
  • Tuck end dispenser packaging
  • Tuck end auto bottom box

Customized Your Custom Tuck Boxes:

With customization, you can increase sales. Therefore, you can add many things to your tuck end boxes to make them look fancy and appealing. Hence, looking at your items is the best way to do this. For example, if your product is cosmetic, you can use bright colors on the packaging. This will shine your box more. Furthermore, you can also add model eyes to your package so that customers know that it is a makeup product for the eyes.

Add Different Add-Ons Features On Boxes:

In this world, the competitors and product standards keep rising. Therefore, to gain more visibility in the market, you can add different add-ons f. You can add bows, ribbons, glitter, and various coating layers. Hence, you can make your tuck box packaging look unique and attractive by going a further step. Therefore, you can get a coating layer of matte, gloss, or spot UV coats. These layers are the best when you want to give your tuck end boxes a unique look. Therefore, you can do this by looking at your product. If you are setting jewelry, a glossy coating would complement your look better than matte coats.

Material For Straight Tuck End Boxes:

The type of tuck box packaging plays an essential part in the tuck end boxes industry and the material. It is clear that these boxes are used and can maintain the item safe and secure inside it if the material is of good quality. Therefore, it is best to stick with either cardboard or Kraft paperboard when it comes to choosing. Both of these materials are durable and strong to carry heavy-weight products.

They can withstand many conditions when it comes to the weather and shipping as well. The dimension of your straight tuck end boxes will only work well if the material you manufacture is reasonable. Clients who think the quality could be better will not buy your product.

Use Of Die Cut Boxes For Boosting Product Visibility:

Die-cut box styles in custom tuck end boxes are a wise technique for eye-catching prospects. It has a transparent film below the design cut to protect the product from environmental factors. It uniquely displays the product through the design, which boosts the actual product visibility.

The packaging experts create unique and creative designs for die-cut custom tuck boxes to grab the attention of prospects. You can get the logo embossed on the packaging, as it contributes to the overall appearance of the packages. It makes the company catchy as the embossing option makes the logo prominent on the packaging.

Top-Notch Embellishment Of Custom Boxes:

Various printing techniques are widely used to print custom tuck end boxes. You can add more ways to print custom tuck boxes, such as thumb, perforation, dust flap, and cutout. These embellishments make your tuck end boxes different from others and shine in the highly competitive market.

Moreover, you can attract your customers to your brand and make them loyal clients and do perfect branding of your business just with your uniquely designed packaging of tuck end boxes.


  • Inserts__(protect the goods inside the packaging box)
  • Spot UV finish__(combination of matt coats and glossy lamination)
  • Inside printing__(personalize the inner side of the product box)
  • Gloss lamination__(gives  smooth feel and glossy shine)
  • Matte Lamination__(less shiny and feels smooth enough)
  • Hot foil stamping__(makes other text  or logo look more metallic)
  • Window Cutouts__(to display the items from inside the window tuck end box)
  • Catalog lock__(locker slit with a panel to make it safe and secure)
  • Embossing and Debossing__(makes elements imprinted or embossed)

Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes: 

Custom tuck end boxes are made with Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material, a highly used packaging material in the market. Custom cardboard boxes are eco-friendly that reduce carbon footprints in the environment. Moreover, sustainable and nature-friendly material is cost-effective, making them perfect for those who use green and eco-friendly packaging for their products.


Custom tuck end boxes not only attract customers but also bring more profit in sales for brands. Straight tuck end boxes packaging with attractive logos looks highly professional, increasing your brand value in the market. Tuck end boxes provide various printing options to design the boxes professionally. Different patterns, color schemes, and attractive fonts can convert a simple and decent-looking box into a highly alluring one.