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The number of cordless angle grinder is too many to count. The variations of each tool also vary widely. When it comes to the power supply the greater the voltage the more powerful the tool.

Makita has a 7.2V cordless grinder that uses a 4-inch disc that is made for the small jobs or hard to get at places. If more power is desired out of a small size, Makita also makes a 4 ½ inch disc unit that is powered by an 18 volt power supply. This more powerful grinder has a second handle near the head of the tool so extra control and pressure can be MAKITA WINKELSCHLEIFER »AKKU-KOMBO-KIT DLX2334J, 18VOLT« applied to the surface that is being modified.

Cordless grinders

When looking at cordless grinders, the disc size can vary from ¼ inch up to 4 ½ inches. This versatility makes it possible for the right tool to be found for the right job. The power choices also vary greatly. The smallest is the 7.2 volt battery pack. This is powerful yet it is still possible to control it with just one hand. The most powerful cordless grinder on the market is the 36 volt grinder. The Dewalt line of power tools has several different models of this powerful cordless angle grinder available for the professional or home user.

When looking at this type of power tool, the battery type is relevant to the weight and life of charge. The nickel-cadmium batteries are heavier and have a short life expectancy than the new lithium batteries, but are nearly ½ the price.

Choosing the right cordless angle grinder is dependent on what life of battery, disc size, and power you will be needing to accomplish the job at hand.

Electric Angle Grinder – AC Power For a Consistent Supply

There are over 3 million registered electric angle grinder importers in the United States. The reason the number is so high is because most of these units are made overseas. Like most consumer goods, the manufacturing of even American brand name goods is no longer made in America.

Despite this fact, the quality of the average electric angle grinders is still high. A majority of these tools are manufactured in China and India, with some in Pakistan, and Taiwan.


Most American manufacturers do not advertise they are making their tools in a foreign land, but if the tool is inspected, the manufacturing country can be found on the product itself. Immaterial of where it is made, most of these electric tools carry a two year warranty, if the manufactures is reputable, like Black & Decker, Dewalt, or Makita.

The electric tool is unlike the pneumatic tool in many regards. The pneumatic tools are known for their power, but controlling the speed has a lot to be desired. This is the feature that an electric grinder has the advantage. By controlling the speed more carefully, the user can perform more delicate tasks with a great deal of precision. Another advantage is there is no exhaust air coming out and the dust is easier to control.

Dust and debris flying off the disc and the surface being ground is a safety concern and must be taken into account when using this type of tool. With a pneumatic grinder or an internal combustion engine grinder, water can be used to cool the disc. With an electric angel grinder, water should never be used as a lubricant because of the shock hazard. This is a great tool but always keep safety in mind when using one.