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Common problems with HDB rubbish chutes

hdb rubbish chute

Rubbish chutes are an essential feature of homes in Singapore. This is especially true for tall buildings or apartments, as it is not practical to dispose of your garbage every day. Therefore, your HDB rubbish chute must be maintained regularly for it to function properly. This article will shed some light on the common issues faced due to rubbish chutes and what you need to do in order to keep your chute in good condition.

1.Stuck door

The doors of your HDB rubbish chute may become stuck as a result of poor maintenance or prolonged use. This issue not only increases the risk of accidents but also jeopardises your health because of the foul odours that permeate your home. If the door of your HDB rubbish chute is stuck, do not try to push or pull it — it is time for a rubbish chute replacement.

2.Broken handle

The HDB rubbish chute shouldn’t be handled roughly or carelessly because doing so could lead to malfunctions or irreparable damage. If this occurs, you may have difficulty operating the entire device. You could get the handle repaired but this may void your warranty and it may also lead to recurring handle issues. It is wise to go for a rubbish chute replacement instead of trying to repair the handle. 

3.Loose hinge

Over time, the hinge of your rubbish chute may become loose. This usually occurs when it has been handled aggressively or carelessly. A loose hinge might not close properly and could expose you to toxic waste and fumes. But don’t worry, there is a simple yet effective solution — rubbish chute replacement. Just like the chute handle, fixing the hinge could void the warranty.

4. Rusty chute

Is there rust in your trash chute? This isn’t a good sign because rust causes hygiene and functional issues. Replace it with a good model made of durable materials like stainless steel. If you have any issues with replacing your HDB rubbish chute, hand over the job to the professionals. They will ensure that your chute is installed and functioning properly.

5.Worn out seal

Years of harsh handling can cause the silicon seal on the chute to deteriorate. This kind of wear and tear is normal, but in order to keep bugs and odours out, you must reinforce the seal. If the old silicone sealant begins to crack or exhibit signs of dryness, then a new silicone seal must be put over it.

6.Pests and rodents

If you notice a sudden rise in pests, bugs, or insects in your home, make sure to inspect your trash chute. You might need to have your rubbish chute replaced.

Things to consider

The disposal of flammable materials like alcohol or hairspray can put your HDB rubbish chute in danger of catching fire. In order to avoid this hazard, make sure that your chute is constructed with fireproof materials, such as fibreglass.

If you are planning on renovating your home, make sure to check that your chute fits the design and theme of your new home. This way, you won’t need to hide it from sight.

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