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Our Top Cleaners shared their tips for easy home cleaning. Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga ON cleaners recommend these. Simply Spotless Cleaning.

Take The Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga ON cleaners recommend vacuum cleaning first. Moving the vacuum forward only helps it pull back. Pulling the vacuum toward you cleans most carpets.
Vacuums blow hair and dust on solid surfaces. For dust bunnies, use the wand first. Then use the regular vacuum head to sweep. To finish its job, push and pull it.

Bathroom Brolo Pads

Soap scum removal is difficult. Scrub it with a Brolo pad every three months. It makes cleaning shower doors easier. Lemon slices on soap scum-prone areas may prevent it.

Freeze non-washable items:

Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga ON recommend freezing jeans to keep them fresh. This removes bacteria without damaging the fabric.

Our Professional Cleaners Advised:

Freeze non-washable items in ziplocked bags for a few days. Nobody likes cleaning, especially the toilet. Let’s face it—you don’t want visitors to see the toilet stained. Domestic in the toilet bowl for an hour is a simple fix. It will foam, then flush clean easy.

  1. One toilet brush scrub after flushing finishes the job. What happens after you scrub? I removed it when Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga ON advised me to. Right? Wrong!
    Toilet brushes always smelled bad to me. They can be preserved easily. Flush and wash the toilet brush after scrubbing. Close the toilet lid on the handle to dry the brush for 10 minutes. Return it to its container.
  2. Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga ON recommend adding Domestic to the toilet bowl and scrubbing it after cleaning. Clean the brush once.

Olive Oil Removes Fridge Fingerprints

Do fingerprints on the stainless steel refrigerator irritate you? Clean the door with a towel dipped in olive or baby oil. It removes and prevents fingerprints.

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janitorial services Brampton ON

Vinegar Removes Water Stains

Mineral drops and water stains on bathroom fixtures are unsightly and hard to clean. This is why our professional cleaners recommend this. Soak a towel in vinegar and tie it to the fixture (e.g., tap) for 20 minutes. Remove the stairs with vinegar!
Streak-free window cleaning is difficult. Solution? Another pro cleaning tip: “I mix window cleaner with a tablespoon of cornflour (or white vinegar for organic). Cornstarch is gentle enough to remove scratches and leave windows shiny and spotless “.

Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga ON Use Steam clean!

Mopping and wiping bench tops clean floors better. Even if you use Domestic in the mopping bucket, bacteria will spread at the end of the room.
Steam cleaners are the most versatile and effective home cleaning method. Attachments for the same machine clean windows, benches, walls, floors, and walls! Steam is cheap and kills all bacteria!

White Chalk Removes Stains

Our professional cleaners can advise you on this and more. White chalk can remove grease stains before washing. Move quickly to avoid trapping grease in the fabric. Rub chalk over the stain and let it absorb the grease for a few minutes.

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Commercial Cleaning in Mississauga ON expert cleaners recommend cleaning from top to bottom. It’s crucial to clean the room from top to bottom. Start with your ceiling fan to sweep away dust. These great Brampton professional cleaning tips should help. For service, visit Our Website> Akkadian Cleaning Services