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Choose The Right Jewelry That Accentuates Your Body And Is Fit For The Occasion

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Adorning yourself with a piece of jewelry is a custom that spans different cultures across the world and throughout history. It is often viewed as an accessory for complementing and completing an outfit. For women, a look is incomplete until the right accessories are not matched. Accessorizing oneself with pieces of jewelry is one of the significant steps to bracing your fashion statement.

Jewelry doesn’t alone mean adding charisma to your personality but also highlighting your features. It magnifies your social presence and helps you stand above the rest of the crowd. Choosing the right piece of jewelry for the dress and especially the occasion can be troublesome. There are so many options to choose from and you might be tempted by all pieces. The right jewelry can bring out your style and can make you look and feel stunning. But, the wrong choice can make you look clumsy and uncomfortable.

If you are facing difficulty choosing the right jewelry based on your personality and dress, below are some of the tips and tricks that will help you pick just the right one.

Tips To Pick The Best Jewelry For Your Outfit:

  1. Scale is the ingredient:

The first tip you should remember while picking a jewelry piece is that scale matters. The size of it should always match your outfit. Very small pieces can get overshadowed by your outfit. Very large necklaces and earrings, on the other side of the spectrum, may look uncomfortable, clumsy, and clunky. Small and simple jewelry pieces match busy outfits, and large pieces match simple outfits.

  1. Color scheme:

Colors are really important when choosing jewelry if you don’t look like a joker. One of the easiest ways to pair your jewelry with your favorite outfit is to have a color scheme. While gold and silver jewelry can match all outfits, it is best to choose jewelry in the same color as your outfit. Don’t overcomplicate things, as choosing it with two colors may look busy and will fail to match your outfits.

  1. Define your style:

Your way of defining your clothing style can also be applied to your jewelry. If there is a certain aesthetic/pattern that you follow, choosing jewelry for such patterns can be a lot easier than picking one for different casuals. How you define your clothing style is up to you. You might like edgy clothes with zip lines and black leather, you might like sophisticated clothing with simple lines and polished pieces, or you may want to wear a lot of jeans and flowing tops. A definitive style of clothing will make finding it a lot easier. For professional looks, wear stud earrings and a simple necklace. For a classic function, a pearl necklace coupled with diamond earrings will do wonder.

  1. Know your skin tones:

Matching it with outfits is a great option but pairing it with your skin tone and outfit will make your look even greater. You probably already have colors that you don’t like to wear and they don’t compliment you. Maybe purple doesn’t suit you or the orange is way too harsh on you. Apply that same principle to picking it. Cooler skin tones pair well with white, gold, and silver, just like red, purple, and blue tones. Gold also does best with warmer tones and stands out with darker hair

  1. Balance it out:

To make your outfit well-thought-out, it’s best to choose a balancing point. Pairing too many pieces can make your outfit look rushed, and your jewellery can overwhelm your look instead of completing it. With each outfit, carefully choose one or a maximum of two categories where the jewellery balances out each other. Avoid using a pair of bold earrings with a simple necklace; it will leave the bottom portion overwhelmed compared to the bottom one. You can find almost all amazing pieces of jewelry courtesy of The Black Bow Coupons

Different Jewelry for Different Occasions:

  1. Weddings:

Shiny diamond necklace, stone bracelets.

  1. Business parties:

Pendants, simple bracelets.

  1. Jewelry for Hangouts:

Named necklace, gold chains, and gold plate anklets.

  1. Date nights:

Diamonds, gemstones, studs, and earrings.


Choosing jewelry is hard for many women due to a lack of trustworthy guides. In this article, you will find the correct tips and tricks to choose the best jewelry for the right dress and the right occasion. Also, we have brought to you The Black Bow Coupons which help you find your favorite pieces of jewelry at discounts.