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Biden gun ban and crime wave

Prosecutors said that Palmer had several gun

Receivers in various stages of handgun manufacture in his workshop. He owned 71 things in total that were related to the production and sale of weapons. Authorities discovered many tools for making firearms, miscellaneous ammo, a Gluck handgun frame without its serial identification plate, common high-capacity magazines for several calibers, and privately made weapon jigs. In his garage, Palmer also kept a loaded P80 semi-automatic pistol in the Gluck model.

If you all remember, Houston was dubbed the “murder capital of the world” about this time last year, according to the statistics. However, at this moment, there are fewer homicides than there were at this time last year, and again, if the trend continues, the numbers will continue to decrease, Turner said. “I want to credit all the elements that went into One Safe Houston and the gun buyback programmed for that,” she said. used guns for sale

As a reporter for Community Impact Newspaper, Melissa began covering the neighborhoods of Bellaire, Meyer land, and West University. Before returning to Houston, she spent nearly six years covering Brooklyn and Queens for a weekly newspaper in New York City. Melissa’s passion of sports and fashion was made even more thrilling in the large cities by her study of journalism at St.

John’s University and Medill .

Is the handle to follow. According to Justin Anderson, the marketing director for one of the biggest gun retailers in the country, Hyatt Guns of Charlotte, North Carolina, “the outcome is that these people are buying before the government prohibits them.” Our concealed carry classes are swiftly filling up, which is a good sign for upcoming sales.

“That shows that the American people still places a high value on the desire for legal gun ownership, “Mark Olive, a spokesperson, said. “This was also the 42nd consecutive month that more over 1 million background checks were performed in a single month. This is noteworthy in light of the anti-gun sentiment among some governors and members of Congress who ignore these trends and concentrate solely on erecting barriers and restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens rather than focusing on lowering crime, holding offenders accountable, and making their communities safer.  knives for sale

The event and increasing gun sales occurred at the same time that Vice President Biden is advocating for a ban on popular semi-automatic rifles and after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives decided that the well-known AR-style handgun will now need clearance from Washington. A $200 tax will be charged to brand-new customers. They will need to register the millions who are with them.