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Best Vans to Hire in the UK For Different Purposes

.Whether you’re moving house, aiding a friend with moving some furniture, or doing some DIY, renting a van can be a great way to get the job done. But, before you head out to hire a van, you should know what type and size of van is suitable for your requirements. This post will assist you look at the best vans for hire in the UK for whichever purpose you need. We will also go over the diverse van variants available.

The different types of vans available to hire

You can find several affordable van hire options but if you’re looking for the cheaper van hire in the UK, look no more. It’s essential to be aware of the most suitable van type for the task at hand. Each option is suitable for a range of utilisations. Here is a listing of the most prevalent van types and their applications:

Small vans:

If you only need to transfer a few small items, a small van such as the Ford Transit Connect or the Volkswagen Caddy is best. These vans are also great for city driving. They are simple to park.

Medium-sized vans:

If you necessitate more extra room for passengers or luggage, a medium-sized van such as the Ford Transit Custom or the Mercedes Sprinter is indeed a great choice. These vans have far more power and space within, making them ideal for longer journeys.

Large vans: 

For exceptionally large loads or if you need even more space for passengers or luggage, a large van such as the Ford Transit or the Iveco Daily is excellent. These vans have a lot of power, so they can handle heavy loads, and they feature vast interiors, so you can really pack them full.

You can also browse into the best minivans of the year for more extensive information on the broad range of vans available at the market, to select the model that is appropriate for you.

What size van do you need?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to this question. The size of van you require will depend on the specific purpose you need it for.  You’ll need a large van like the Freightliner Sprinter or Chevrolet Express Cargo Van if you’re moving furniture to a new home. For transporting large items, as the Medium sized vans like the 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter, it’s the ideal vehicle for the van life and camping, expert campers say. Consider how much space you’ll need and what kind of vehicle access is available at your pick-up and drop-off points before selecting the van you rent. 

Purposes for renting a van

Van rental is an excellent alternative for many individuals. Here are several reasons that you ought to rent a van, in addition to certain tasks that vans can do that standard cars cannot.

Furniture Removal

If you’re moving house or simply need to move some furniture, hiring a van may simplify the process. Loading heavy goods onto a van is significantly simpler than moving them into a regular car!

Camping or Vacationing

One of the most common reasons for hiring a van is because many individuals tend to go on vacation with their family and friends at least once a year. Unfortunately, some people just do not have enough storage in their cars for all of their luggage, and certain places, such as ski resorts, require additional transportation. If you don’t want to be trapped at an airport with nowhere to go, hiring a van may be the fix!

Other things to consider when renting a van

The rental period

Most van rentals are for a minimum of 24 hours, however depending on your needs, you may be able to find options that are shorter or longer. Retain in mind that if you keep the van for longer than the agreed-upon period, you will most likely be charged for overtime.

Fuel prices

When budgeting for your van rental, ensure to factor in the cost of fuel. You may want to ask the rental company for a fuel card so you can refuel at their reduced rates.


Hiring a van can be an affordable and practical solution for many of your transportation needs. We hope that our article has shown you the different types of vans and van hiring services available to hire in the UK, as well as what purposes they are best suited for.