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Best Plant Decor

If you are looking to instantly make a room beautiful, you probably think of flowers! You can make a room come to life with green, whether it’s a planted plant or floral wall decor. Here is how to incorporate plants into your room!

Why have plants in your house?

It’s been proven that plants instantly boost your mood and can even improve your health. Having plants in your home has many benefits aside from beauty. Of course, plants can make your room look more lively and chic, but there are some other added benefits to consider.

Improve air quality

NASA did an interesting study in 1989 that proved that houseplants remove cancer-causing chemicals from the air. Your air will be more clean with more plants in the home. The bigger and leafier the plants, the better.

Reduce stress

A recent study found that having plants around can reduce stress. Taking care of indoor plants and interacting with them can lower your blood pressure. Having plants around can make you feel comforted. Basically, you can bring all the benefits of a walk in the woods or garden to your office by adding some potted plants. Feel relaxed and connected to nature by adding plant-related decor to your room.

Inspire creativity

People often keep plants at their desk because it boosts creativity and positivity. You’ll feel more productive with beautiful plants around, as well as flower-related wall murals and desktop backgrounds. Your environment plays a large role in your productivity and happiness.

Best plant decor for your room

If you want to add more nature to your office, bedroom, or living room, here’s how!

Potted plants

The most obvious answer is potted plants! If you have the capacity to care for plants, the symbiotic relationship will provide you with comfort and confidence. Plants rely on us to live and, in return, they provide us with many benefits. Keep some dangling plants in baskets or have a succulent on your desk or nightstand.

Floral wall decor

Instantly transform a room into a nature wonderland with floral wall decor. PixlScapes has a wide variety of nature-related wall murals that will make you feel like you escaped to the garden of your dreams. From abstract flower designs to beautiful painting-like images to realistic garden scenes, you’re bound to find a wall mural that can be instantly installed and boost your mood.

Here are some favorites:

  • Vintage roses: This retro look features white roses and gold accents against a cream background, inspired by Victorian paintings. This whimsical pattern will evoke elegance and class.
  • Pink daisy: This photograph features pink gerbera daisies against a black background. Having a larger than life image of these dainty and playful flowers will instantly put you in a good mood.
  • Wild flowers: This water color-esque image features wild flowers like chamomile in the early morning. It looks like it just rained, a butterfly landing on a flower in the still morning.
  • White sakura flower blossom: This Japanese-style artwork features a cherry blossom tree. It’s commonly found in Japan, featuring delicate pink petals along a thin branch. People travel from all over the world to see them bloom.

Plant accents 

Whether it’s a pillow cover with a floral pattern or a painting of flowers or a cute cactus plush, there is a wide variety of plant-related decor that can make your space playful, inspirational, and soothing. A basic couch can be transformed with a colorful pillow with a floral pattern. Or you can try floral bedsheets.