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Advantages Of Screw Machining You Should Know

The use of screw machining or automated lathe for machining small-turned parts for industrial applications has existed for a long time. These are made of hollow cams and spindles. The screw machine will remove the material from the metal blocks and create several smaller parts. Countless screw machine shops sell these types of machines, which leaves the question of what screw machining is and its benefits. Screw machines make parts for automotive, IT, and consumer electronic products. Since they are durable and flexible and can handle several types of metals, screw machine is used for many applications.

Types Of Swiss Screw Machines

There are two primary Swiss Screw Machines that you can get from the best Precision CNC machine shop, such as:

The automatic Swiss screen machine uses a disc cam to rotate the tool towards the workpiece area, which is then held in place with several spindle collets positioned side by side. The CNC machines use the CNC unit to control the tools. It allows parts to be made with the exact specifications. CNC Swiss Screw Machines, also called CNC lathes, work on more than one axes to provide faster results.

Screw machines, whether automatic or CNC drove, may take some time to set up properly. However, they are quite cost-effective when it comes to the production of multiple parts. They are usually not the best solution for one-off prototyping. However, due to the wide range of metals, it can support, they are a lucrative choice when you want to create parts from varying materials.

Benefits Of CNC Swiss Machine

CNC machining provides a controlling level which is not generally possible with the automatic Swiss Screw Machine. The CNC machining unit allows the use of tools on several axes, which allows for more sets of tooling for milling and turning. Cycle times significantly decrease, and more detailed parts are created with CNC abilities.

Most operations are also executed quickly with a Swiss Screwing Machine. The best Screw Machine Shops sell a machine that rotates the part at up to 10,000 RPM with an accuracy of 0.0002-0.0005 inches. Additionally, the CNC lathe will reduce waste and provide more flexibility when making a specific part.

Swiss machine can support the workpiece near the operation point during the machining process. the workpiece will be present close to the tooling operation. It will not affect the force of the tool. It leads to more precision while making small parts, even with tight tolerance.

Swiss screw machines usually make complex parts because the bar stock will be supported through the process. the CNC machined parts need distinctive features. Deeper parts with thin walls are possible with the screwing machines.

There are many components of the Swiss Screw Machin bought through the best Precision CNC Machine Shop for less deflection. During the production of CNC parts, this machine will be highly useful. The lower deflection level is another reason for it. It is feasible since the distance between the workpiece support and cutting is the least. With this, you will get less bending, and deflection cutting possibilities are reduced. When the machine parts have less deflection, the mechanism will get tighter tolerance for the produced parts.

Applications Of Swiss Screw Machine

Screw Machining is useful in several industries, such as:


The aerospace industry wants precision parts and cannot compromise on quality. Thanks to the Screwing Machine, it helps the industry to meet its demand without any hassle. The aerospace parts machined by the screw machine are the screws, shafts, and many more.


Swiss Screw machine is also used for creating watch components. Everyone knows the precisions of these watch components. With the help of Screw Machining, many parts are made in the commercial industry.