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A Home Video Intercom System Reduces Household Noise

If you have a family and do not have a video intercom system in your home, chances are you have found yourself yelling for a family member in another room. To avoid this loud form of communication, some families have developed a house rule, such as if the person you want is more than twenty steps away, do not yell but go and find that person. However, many have found that a house rule such as this is not the solution to this problem. A more workable solution may be to install a video intercom system.

What is a Video Intercom system?

A video intercom system is a CCTV system that is usually available in three separate units. There are two intercom units. Although many people mount one unit outside their front gate or front door and the other unit is usually mounted inside the house. You can mount video Gegensprechanlage both or multiple additional units throughout your home. You can mount the camera and video monitor anywhere throughout your house and eliminate the room to room yelling in your household. The unit designed to be placed outside of the home contains a camera built into the voice intercom unit.


The great news is that with the continued advancement in technology, the price of a video intercom system has significantly reduced making them an affordable home improvement option. Depending on your needs, they system can vary in price. For example, a video intercom system with more than a two units will obviously be higher in price since it requires more units. Likewise, a system with more features, like a radio or a CD player, will also be higher in price.


The most defining decision when you are looking to purchase a video intercom system for your home are between a wired or a wireless system. If you are frustrated that your house rule of “no yelling” is not working, a wireless system may be your best choice. A wireless system is more portable and can be placed anywhere that you are in the house. If you have a wired system, you will still have to actually get up and walk to where you have the unit installed in a wall in the room to communicate back with someone.

Another factor in determining whether you should install a wired or wireless system is to consider the range of the wireless units and compare that to the square footage of your house. Ensure that you are choosing a system that will communicate between your multiple units from the furthest corner of your house.

The final factor to consider in choosing your system is to compare the cost of installation to the cost of the units. If you are building a new house or already have an Gegensprechanlage old, wired system installed in your house and simply need to upgrade the components, your cheapest option may be to keep the wired system. A wired system can also be advantageous in that it will not have interference from other wireless devices and you will not have to worry about the range of frequency.

A video intercom system is a possible choice for you reduce the need your family may feel to yell at other family members each time they need to talk to them.