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7 Best Face Recognition Apps That Every Android App Developer Should Know!

In the digital age, there have been significant breakthroughs due to the biometrics field’s rapid growth, even in applications that use face recognition to locate people. This is why many organizations hire Android app developers and iOS to develop this kind of technology.  

Is There a Facial Recognition App?

Face detection and facial recognition are different. Although there is a slight distinction between the two names, they are often related. Face recognition recognizes the detected human face based on a database match that has been saved, as opposed to face detection, which recognizes the human face that is visible in a video or picture.

AI is increasingly more potent and efficient, even in face recognition applications for iOS and Android. The industry for face recognition is expected to be valued at around $3.2 billion by 2020. According to projections, its value will increase over the next several years. Many people thought face recognition software for mobile phones would only exist around 30 years ago. Most participants thought the concept sounded like science fiction.

Is There Face Recognition Software Available for Free?

Yes. Almost all smartphones now support the installation of face recognition applications. You may use the applications for additional purposes outside only unlocking your mobile device. They may be used to lessen malware assaults just as you can use them to control bogus arrests. Below is a list of some of the top face recognition applications, both free and premium.

Let’s get started.

  • Luxand

Other applications use the term “Luxand facial recognition.” On its own, it is a leading mobile app development company. Even more, uses are available under the brand name. Face SDK is one of the critical programmes sold under this brand name. Face SDK is valid for a variety of additional purposes in addition to monitoring. Samsung, Philips, P&G, Badoo, and similar companies are some of the biggest customers of luxand facial recognition. Android and iOS devices, and both use Luxand.


  • Effective facial APKs
  • Customizable avatars with a range of attributes.
  • Any face that has been previously saved in the programme may be recognized.



  • The selfie camera is the only one it supports. It can’t recognize more than one view of your face at once.
  • It doesn’t function with the back camera.
  • Identical twins are not detected.

  • Applock

One of the best facial recognition apps for Android smartphones is Applock. The programme offers excellent security as well. It restricts other people’s access to your accounts, personal information, and other apps. Applock is used for both voice recognition and facial recognition. Any of these may be the password to open your mobile device.  



  • It may be used for speech and face identification
  • The facial recognition system’s user interface is dynamic and simple to use
  • Enrollment is simple
  • Great and trustworthy Android app developers created it.



  • Your device’s privacy settings may be affected by facial recognition technology.
  • It features a “convenience mode” that makes it simple to access all phone apps.

  • Time Dynamo

Time Dynamo may be utilized as an attendance system for businesses, institutions, and the like. Due to the fact that it employs biometrics to identify users, it is the best face unlock software for Android. The software may be used to monitor both check-in and check-out times in addition to check-in time. Performance assessment may also be done using a time dynamo. All you need to do is regularly collect personnel statistics. You can determine your entire result’s average. You will get knowledge about the staff’s performance from it.



  • It’s simple to collect attendance
  • It has a large data storage capacity.


  • New users may find the UI challenging to utilize.
  • Railer

Some colleges take students’ attendance using face recognition technologies. It works because no one can take attendance for absent kids. The Railer app may be used as a mobile attendance system and for facial recognition. On both Apple and Android cellphones, it may be downloaded. The railer app handles almost everything on its own. When employing facial recognition software, very little human labor is required.


  • The application’s analytics may be utilized for employee management
  • It can be used to track employee attendance.


  • The prerequisite is high.
  • The face recognition component of the attendance application prevents it from being utilized to engage users.
  • Face2Gene

Face2Gene is not meant for public usage, in contrast to the other facial recognition applications on the list below. It is intended for medical specialists. Using the App could be challenging if you lack the necessary medical skills. It is used for many different purposes, including patient assessment. The App’s goal is to provide doctors with the knowledge they need to feel more confident in what they are doing. It works with Android phones just as it does with Apple phones.


  • When a user enters crucial general information, a precise analysis of the user’s health will be shown.
  • Its conclusion is dependable.
  • It has a lot of syndromes depending on the examination.


  • The tool sends excessive amounts of emails; only experts may use it.
  • MojiPop

The software MojiPop was developed by Eureka Studios. Eureka Studios is one of the UK’s top studios for creating outstanding apps. MojiPop is available for free download on iOS and Android. To get it, you need to type in “facial recognition iOS” in the Apple Store’s search bar. It has a tonne of animated stickers since it is face recognition software. The interactive keyboard on the stickers is designed to engage consumers. Daily emoji updates are also made to the App.  


  • It is simple to start;
  • Daily, a large number of stickers are produced to keep users interested;
  • Stickers can be converted to other formats.


  • Users cannot delete existing avatars, and customer care is unreliable.
  • The majority of people dislike certain features.
  • FaceApp

This programme was made available in 2017. It was initially only made available for iOS phones. The software was made available to Android users as it grew in popularity. Face App is well-liked and regarded as the most excellent face recognition app, in contrast to other famous face recognition applications.  

When users began to post images of how they would seem as they aged, the App’s popularity increased. Celebrities got up on the challenge, as well as everyone else. Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber are well-known users of the App. Additionally, users using the programme may alter the backdrop and lens blur.


  • Producing high-quality photographs
  • It offers a wide range of filters to enhance user experience.



  • It’s expensive
  • The filters’ effectiveness is restricted
  • The photographs are stored in subpar formats.


With AI-based artificial intelligence technologies, we have progressed beyond tracking thieves to accessing a smartphone. The field of biometrics technology has grown to be one that is exciting for research and business. Although identification software has several drawbacks, such as variances in posture, illumination, and pixel density, it is growing in popularity. It may soon be a part of everyday life for consumers. Platforms that simplify face recognition software use a variety of approaches and may thus be included in a wide range of products.