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5 Tips to Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

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Your Android phone’s short battery life might be linked to a variety of factors. Phone batteries are being impacted by thinner bodies, better screens, faster processors, more background apps, and faster internet connections, but manufacturers are coping by manufacturing more powerful batteries. Here is what you can do:

Change the Screen’s Brightness

Batteries are drained quickly by large, bright smartphone displays. Most likely, you don’t need to use your device’s brightest setting. Reduce the screen’s brightness by going to your display settings. Additionally, you may change the brightness there by using the pull-down option. While you’re at it, consider disabling auto brightness. This feature has the ability to make your display’s brightness higher than it should be even if it adjusts to your perceived demands. You’ll benefit your eyes (and batteries) if you disable this option.

Reduce Your Screen Timeout

Most smartphone screens are set to turn off after a minute or two. While 30 seconds may seem like a little time, it will really help you save more battery life. You can prevent applications that use a lot of power from operating in the background to extend battery life even more.

Turn Off Location Services

Your phone sends a number of signals even when it is not in use, which might eventually drain its battery. If you want to use the least power possible without entering Power Saving mode, you can stop a few backend services. Your battery life drops with each signal that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data transfer off. To instantly save some battery, when the phone has less battery, press the Airplane mode button. All of these services will be automatically cut off from your phone, saving some battery life.

Turn Off Active Listening

If you use voice command to use your phone, it will be on alert and use battery life. Whether it’s Google Assistant or Siri you can turn off this feature to save a little bit more power. The Assistant feature, which is integrated into many Android Battery Health phones’ operating systems, may be accessed by holding down the home button. 

Delete Unused Accounts

If you have many accounts signed in on your Smartphone, you might rapidly lose a lot of battery life. Every account syncs data from the internet, such as emails, contacts, photos, and more. By removing unused accounts, you can lower the amount of data and power that your smartphone uses. As an alternative to deleting these accounts, you can also consider turning off auto-sync for them.

Other Settings That Use Less Battery

  • Allow your screen to turn off faster.
  • Reduce your screen brightness.
  • Deactivate vibrations and sounds from the keyboard.
  • Restrict battery-intensive applications.
  • Enabling the adaptive battery
  • Enable the dark theme.

If you desire a longer Battery Health life without making any other changes, buy a power bank that works with any phone and a variety of other devices. Hope this was helpful to you!