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5 Benefits of Using RAM Solutions For Vehicle Tracking

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Do you own a business that involves any vehicle tracking? If so, you have likely heard of RAM Solutions. RAM Solutions provides comprehensive vehicle tracking, fleet optimization, and incident management solutions. Follow along as we’ll discuss the five benefits of RAM solutions for vehicle tracking. 

What are RAM Solutions for Vehicle Tracking? 

RAM solutions for vehicle tracking are a technology that uses real-time data from GPS and other sensors. These sensors track and monitor vehicles’ location and movements in a fleet. 

These solutions typically include a GPS receiver installed in each vehicle. Also, they have software that fleet managers can access through a web interface or mobile app. The GPS receiver sends the collected data to the RAM for processing. Then, it can provide real-time location updates, optimize routes, and schedule maintenance for the fleet. 

Some key features of RAM Tracking vehicle tracker are: 

  • Allows fleet managers to track their vehicles’ current location and movements at all times.


  • It helps optimize routes for a fleet of vehicles to save time and money on fuel costs.


  • Allows fleet managers to schedule and plan maintenance for vehicles. This prevents breakdowns and prolongs the lifespan of vehicles.


  • Provides valuable data on driving patterns that can state risky driving behavior.


All this information is usually presented and analyzed in a dashboard where the managers can see all the data in one place, extract insights and make decisions. 

5 Benefits Of Using RAM Solutions For Vehicle Tracking 

  1. Real-Time Tracking

RAM solutions for vehicle tracking provide real-time location updates. They use real-time data from GPS and other sensors to provide location updates of the tracked vehicles. The GPS receiver sends data collected to the RAM for processing. 

Then, it provides real-time location updates, which you can access through a web interface or mobile app. This allows fleet managers to keep track of their vehicle’s current location and movements at all times. This is especially useful if you need to know where your vehicles are in case of an emergency or if they have gone off-route. 

Having real-time tracking information can help with many operational aspects. These aspects include improving dispatch operations, identifying and solving issues as they happen, and providing accurate ETAs to customers. 

Additionally, it can be helpful in cases of theft or if a vehicle gets lost. It allows managers to quickly track and locate the missing cars, which helps to reduce any potential loss of the vehicle or cargo. 

  1. Improved Efficiency

RAM solutions for vehicle tracking can help to optimize routes for a fleet of vehicles. This helps to save time and money on fuel costs. It also helps reduce the time drivers spend on the road, which can improve their overall efficiency. 

You can use the software to schedule vehicle maintenance, prevent breakdowns and prolong vehicle lifespan. This helps to reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs. 

Here are other ways RAM solutions for vehicle tracking can increase efficiency: 

Improved Dispatch Operations: Dispatchers can optimize the use of vehicles by assigning the closest one to the next pick-up or delivery.

Idle Time Reduction: With real-time tracking data, managers can identify when vehicles are idle and take action to optimize the use of the cars.

Predictive Maintenance: By monitoring the usage, speed, and other parameters of the vehicles, RAM solutions for vehicle tracking can provide insights and predictions for when vehicles will require maintenance, enabling fleet managers to schedule maintenance at optimal times and avoid unnecessary downtime. 

All these improvements can increase overall fleet efficiency, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity. 

  1. Improved Safety

RAM vehicle tracking solutions can help improve road safety by providing valuable data on driving patterns. This data can identify and address risky driving behaviors, such as: 

  • Excessive speeding: Fleet managers can identify excessive speeding by monitoring the speed of vehicles. Then, they can take appropriate action to address the issue.


  • Sudden braking and sharp turns: These actions can show reckless or aggressive driving and identify drivers in danger of getting into an accident.


  • Fatigue: By monitoring how long drivers have been behind the wheel, fleet managers can identify those at risk of fatigue. Then, they can take steps to ensure they get the rest they need to continue driving safely.


  • Location Alerts: Fleet managers can set up geofencing and alarm triggers around potentially dangerous areas, such as construction sites or accident-prone areas. So they can receive alerts if a vehicle enters or leaves that area and take action accordingly. 


By identifying and addressing these types of risky driving behaviors, fleet managers can help improve the safety of their vehicles and drivers on the road. All these can lead to a decrease in accidents, injuries, and damage to cars. 

  1. Enhanced Security

RAM solutions for vehicle tracking can also help enhance the security of vehicles. Several features make this easy, including geofencing, alarm triggers, etc. 

Geofencing allows you to set up virtual boundaries around specific locations, such as a company’s warehouse. If a vehicle enters or leaves one of these areas, it sends an alert to the fleet manager, allowing them to take action if necessary. This can be useful for preventing theft or unauthorized use of vehicles. 

Alarm triggers allow you to set up alarms for specific events. These alarms can notify the managers of potential security breaches and enable them to take action. 

On the other hand, its remote immobilization feature allows you to immobilize the vehicle remotely. Lastly, its tampering detector detects any tampering with the GPS device itself. This will notify the managers if someone is trying to disable the device. 

  1. Improved Customer Service

RAM solutions for vehicle tracking can provide valuable data on delivery times and routes, enabling fleet managers to optimize their operations and provide better customer service. This data can be used to identify areas where you can improve delivery times and optimize routes. 

By using RAM solutions for vehicle tracking, fleet managers can also monitor the performance of their drivers in real-time. This allows them to take corrective action and ensure that customers receive their orders on time. 


RAM solutions for vehicle tracking offer a wide range of benefits to fleet managers. By using these solutions, fleet managers can monitor their vehicles in real-time and take corrective action if necessary.